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A mysterious benefactor offers you the means to live anywhere you'd like in the world. The place is yours, and there are no visa issues.

Where would you choose, and why?
I have a dual citizenship (I was born in Britain but my parents are Americans), but probably need to check if I screwed that over when I registered for selective service.

The UK is intimidating because it's a move away from the familiar and it seems like British politics are about the same as US politics. Canada's kind of a nice compromise. Climate wise, I'm much more about forests and easy access to big bodies of water - like most humans I guess - which is part of the appeal of Portland, the place I actually want to live. And again, until politics really have a dramatic change, anywhere in the US, including Portland, has the same down side; at some point, the Republicans will gain power nationally with bad economic results (not even touching the social stuff).

Some really bad baggage and a bad cost of living means I really want to move from the Bay Area to a place which doesn't have bad personal associations - but I feel like I need a little more personal growth, and a lot more savings, before I take off towards anywhere else.