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A mysterious benefactor offers you the means to live anywhere you'd like in the world. The place is yours, and there are no visa issues.

Where would you choose, and why?
Vancouver is this really weird huge city - the lushness of the surrounding countryside, the Canadian ideals that inform the place, and the big entertainment focus creates a place which is kinda like Seattle, LA, and Toronto, without being exactly like any of them. It's fantastic, but living there would be so prohibitive it's off limits without some sort of help, which is what really pushes it to win (it's not possible without the mysterious benefactor).
I've never been to Vancouver, but by all accounts (and of course, its endless stand-in performances on screen for SF and other cities =:), it does seem like a very habitable environment indeed. The downside for me, personally, would be the lack of snow - Toronto wins out there. ^_^

For living, well - it's always a matter of the local living costs, ne? Rents go up and down wildly around the continent, but so do wages. Not for all, needless to say, which is where these surprisingly successful movements toward raising the minimum wage to something genuinely liveable come in - they can't control rapacious landlords, but $15/hr is at least a good step up from the current nonsense.

Within Canada, though, I think I might be most at home in Montreal. ^_^ Got to respect a locale that has such innate respect for superb food, and also manages to cultivate a vibrant local brewing community.

And as I recall, anywhere in the EU is also an option for you, ne? There are problems all over, but at least different ones, and different prevailing, entrenched political attitudes that tend not to be quite as arse-lickingly corporate friendly, though plenty are trying to "fix" that.

As far as climate goes, then, you're after a fairly temperate setting?
I have a dual citizenship (I was born in Britain but my parents are Americans), but probably need to check if I screwed that over when I registered for selective service.

The UK is intimidating because it's a move away from the familiar and it seems like British politics are about the same as US politics. Canada's kind of a nice compromise. Climate wise, I'm much more about forests and easy access to big bodies of water - like most humans I guess - which is part of the appeal of Portland, the place I actually want to live. And again, until politics really have a dramatic change, anywhere in the US, including Portland, has the same down side; at some point, the Republicans will gain power nationally with bad economic results (not even touching the social stuff).

Some really bad baggage and a bad cost of living means I really want to move from the Bay Area to a place which doesn't have bad personal associations - but I feel like I need a little more personal growth, and a lot more savings, before I take off towards anywhere else.