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A mysterious benefactor offers you the means to live anywhere you'd like in the world. The place is yours, and there are no visa issues.

Where would you choose, and why?
Scotland - Either Edinburgh or Glasgow though for work, and the idea actually has crossed my mind considering that I can potentially transfer my job as part of the the UK's university network.

Going abroad, Canada more than likely. Other than the fracking thing (and TBH the UK government is JUST as bad when it comes to that), it sounds like a nice place to live.
You're not too put off by the climate? Myself, I'm quite tired of the UK's dullness - in a climate sense, that is. Socially, it's another kettle of platypi entirely, even if there seem to be plenty of people willing to put up with sheer crap like Greggs.

Indeed, it's been quite disappointing to see Canada adopt fracking so open-heartedly - but then, if you consider the adminstrations of Cameron, Harper, and Abbott, it's a little difficult to really tell them apart.

Me, I went Green on both counts last time. No party can ever represent an individual ideally, but they're a useful start, especially promoting renewable energy as a priority, and opening borders, not closing them.