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A mysterious benefactor offers you the means to live anywhere you'd like in the world. The place is yours, and there are no visa issues.

Where would you choose, and why?
Hee! I can concur with so much of that. ^_^ If I had the means, I'd love somewhere along the Mediterranean Spanish or Italian coasts - such good weather, and such respect for great food everywhere, cheap or three-starred. And yet, I also love the snow - I really enjoyed my spells in Minneapolis' winters, and skiing's amongst the few sports I'll make a point of, even if I haven't done so in *way* too damned long.

And yet again, I also love cities' vibrance - San Francisco, London, Sydney, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur.. there's excitement in knowing you can step out and hop on a bus off to some film festival opening, or an old watering hole, or a talk by some superb historian or photographer.

And then I've got the complicating factor that I've become strongly involved in wildlife photography, rabbits especially - I know I'd feel something was missing from my life if I were to move somewhere away from lagomorphs. Sounds silly, I'm sure, but I sorely missed them back in the Bay, last time around. I did spot a few, with great persistence, but mostly, they were remarkably scarce. Still, getting to photograph hummingbirds for the first time was pretty cool. ^_^
I've only briefly visited San Francisco out of that list (and all too familiar with London, obviously, but I can't stand that place). Not a terribly very well travelled fox, yet! I find cities exciting to visit but far too choking to live in. I'm one of those people who are too often most lonely when amongst a huge crowd of other people.

I love snow too, although it's a rarity round these parts these days. But the rest of the year I think a Mediterranean climate, diet and pace of life would do wonders for me. And a reasonable net connection, of course :)