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A mysterious benefactor offers you the means to live anywhere you'd like in the world. The place is yours, and there are no visa issues.

Where would you choose, and why?
It's hard to do better than Canada, at least in the area of feeling proud rather than embarrassed when the papers report on something your country has been doing "in your name".  The weather isn't so nice, but maybe Global Warming will help with that.

At the citizenship ceremony, the interviewing officer commented that my current US passport contains no visa stamps and my previous one contains only the Canadian immigrant stamp.  I said, "I never never gone anyplace that required a visa."
True enough. The current admin's doing what they can to bend over backwards for the oil companies, with their ferocious admiration of fracking, a wonderful scheme for extracting fossil fuels whilst consuming prodigious quantities thereof (and much, much water) in the process. But more generally, it's basically a very civil country, if I can be forgiven such broad brush strokes. ^_^ And the immigration system's amongst the better ones in the world, even if inevitably wrapped up in as much bureaucracy as you'd expect. Not that I need to say that to you. ^_^;

You're not widely travelled? That surprises me somewhat. But then, I'm an inveterate traveller, headed internationally before I could walk. =:)