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A mysterious benefactor offers you the means to live anywhere you'd like in the world. The place is yours, and there are no visa issues.

Where would you choose, and why?
Hm! What lures you to Seattle? (Not a bad choice, certainly!)

Oxford I can see, yes. Though in its place, I might still have to plump for Bath - not nearly as vibrant an arts scene, but with similar historic appeal, and much better cider selections. =:) That said, Oxford does have an outpost of the fine Bath Ales, and maybe there is an establishment or two with a selection thereof. =:9
Actually, to be specific, Ballard or possibly the U district in Seattle, not Downtown. Because they're basically the same feel as a city as Oxford, and most of the really cool US people I know are on the west coast and many of them around Seattle.

Edited at 2014-05-31 10:35 am (UTC)