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The first full trailer for Interstellar was finally released the other day. And yes, it ought to be well worth waiting for. It's the latest from Christopher Nolan, who's proven his sci-fi chops with Inception (not to mention the ability to please studio investors) - this time, it's a tale of humanity's need to escape an increasingly barren Earth, and settle elsewhere in the Universe.

Saturday was.. a good day. And so very, very geeky. ^_^ I'd hoped to fit more into the day, but with some broken sleep and a wonky memory (still, at least I remember the ticket before getting on the train), it wound up being a little more concentrated. Still: who can't appreciate the awe of an institution like the British Library? In one gallery, I saw the first known complete New Testament, a letter from George III to Parliament announcing the Union, one from Winston Churchill backing the elevation of the League of Nations to a greater level, in the hopes of averting such severe conflict as he was then enduring in 1944, a letter intercepted from Napoleon, illuminated scripts from 1410 and thereabouts, an example of movable type from Korea, predating Gutenberg by centuries.. ye gods and little fishes, the sense of history was almost overwhelming. I really can't recommend the establishment highly enough, whatever your location upon the globe.

After that, we headed off toward Canada Water, to walk in a tunnel. *grin* See, this is a special tunnel. No, no. =:P This one was designed by Marc Brunel, and his son, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and was the first tunnel anywhere in the world to head beneath a major waterway. And as you'd expect, constructing it proved to be a severely testing endeavour, ultimately taking eighteen years to complete. Normally, it's completely out of bounds, being part of the TfL Overground network, with trains running back and forth - but, for this weekend, they allowed groups in to witness it first hand, walking from Rotherhithe to Wapping, then back again. And yes, they were entirely fine with photography, providing you didn't use a tripod. The cocktails at the nearby Brunel Museum hurt none, either - quite imaginative creations, too, and sensibly priced. Dinner wound up being at a nearby place, at random, as the roomie was wanting to head back for some blues - turned out rather well, with my squid starter on a chorizo salad proving to be as tasty as I'd hoped, and the belly pork we both went for being served on a healthy bed of bubble & squeak plus red cabbage. Bonus points for energetic seasoning, and crunchy crackling. =:9

Does anyone have boot polish recommendations? I'd really like to do the MBT Kisiwa justice - the cheapo stuff I've been using so far really isn't much good. (For that matter, any other footwear sites would be welcome. Lately, I've been leaning toward Asos and Debenham's, but more variety is always welcome. If the design really grabs me, international shipping is an option - as indeed turned out to be the case with the MBTs, with the local company unable to source them in my size, compelling me to go with Amazon US)

Here's a strip to consider following: "Starbunny, Inc." ^_^ It'll be a regular webcomic shortly, but for now, you can get a feel for what's coming in the preview comic, "The Great Bunny Migration", that would seem to set the stage: "Everyone knows that bunnies make the best milkshakes in the galaxy."

So, 2014's MasterChef was finally revealed last a couple Fridays ago. =:D I'm very happy, and frankly, not all that surprised. ^_^ In all seriousness, is anyone reading this contemplating applying for the 2015 series? Applications are now open. And, I notice September will see a month-long pop-up restaurant open on the South Bank, with winners and finalists of the past few years of MasterChef cooking for you. Bookings open at 10am today. ^_^; FSM knows, I'd be thrilled to have Ping or Jack cook for me. =:D (Or indeed, any of them - get to the final six or so, and you've already proven your mettle. FWIW, if you'd like to see the final episode of this series, you can download it over here; then you'll see why I'm keen to enjoy their cooking for myself!) Anyone want to join me? I may well book for two anyway, given I'm posting this so close to the time. (Of course, whether I'll be awake in time remains to be seen..)
Might be interesting, he does seem to be a good director.

Nice to see that tunnel, one reason it was so hard to build being they based the design on a fairly dodgy survey of the river bed that showed they'd have clay above them the whole way, but there were some bits where the thickness of clay between the tunnel and the river silt was much thiner - causing flooding and major problems.

Sounds like tasty food :D

Hehe, don't think I could do that, I'm not a terrible cook, but certainly not MasterChef level XD
Mm! Memento put him on the map, but it was Inception that really caught me. If he can apply that kind of creativity to some forward-looking sci-fi that isn't just Invasion of the Week, I'll be a happy bunny. (And, potentially not too bad is the indie The Signal - seems like it might not quite deliver, but appears to be a fun ride nonetheless. No UK release date for now, though)

I can easily imagine there'd be all manner of unforeseen hassles like that, given it was quite a - well, no pun intended - groundbreaking project. Really staggers the imagination to realise this was all being accomplished over 150 years ago, when clippers still plied the river.

It was a happy little discovery of a restaurant indeed. ^_^ I'd originally been looking to eat at the Hack & Hop, off Fleet Street, but the roomie was wanting to head back early. I wound up going along there afterward anyway - quite a find! Almost empty, bizarrely - must be one of those locales that basically closes up on the weekend. But with a dozen good kegs and four casks, and no sign of Strongbow or Stella - they know what they want to do, and seem to do it well. ^_^ The football on the TV was a bit distracting, but not difficult to tune out. Think I'll have to come by there again sometime, and see if the food's worthwhile. Trouble is, having found the White Horse, it's difficult to lure me away from that, with their eye-popping range of beers, good food, and cozy environment I can nestle down in for the evening. ^_^ (It gets very busy routinely, but the dining area toward the back tends to remain a relative haven)

Ooh, we need more of your food photography. ^_^ (My cooking's fairly simple, but often not particularly photogenic) Sad to say, I couldn't make a booking for the restaurant - Ticketmaster have apparently perfected the art of making a website that doesn't actually work for any browser I have around, including nightly & release Safari, OmniWeb, and IE11 under Windows. (Yet, the tickets were being sold. Must be some magic combination that works) Hey ho. Even straight away, there was only one spot left for the tasting menu on the Saturday, and for something like that, I'd much sooner have company, even if not romantic. ^_^
I love picturing you crunching on your lettuce, bunny.. as you type this... ^V^

(and interestingly 'nuff, I know a person who is Very into boots, but I don't know enough to recommend any polish meseff...)... eeep!

Edited at 2014-05-27 09:40 am (UTC)
Ah, to become my SL av in RL.. ^_^ (Still, I'll settle for bringing that into reality through 'suiting.. though, if I also want to bring my favorite outfits with me, that could get costly - commissioning a realization of my Neurolab Ultimate boots probably won't be cheap)

And by some odd coincidence, I segue into your second point. ^_^;
When are we going to see your photos of the tunnel?

I would have gone, being in London from Saturday evening until tomorrow, but someone didn't post about it until it was too late to get a ticket...
Difficult to tell. I'm always very reluctant to post photos to Flickr or 500px unless I'm completely happy with them, and just dumping them on imgur just doesn't seem right, beyond quickies like the bee in my next entry. I'll see if I can select one or two this week.

Tickets went amazingly quickly for that - quite took me by surprise! I remain grateful they've apparently adopted such a reasonable policy on photography (even saw someone arriving with a tripod, so they must indeed be okay with even that, if arranged in advance) - there was some teeth-gnashing a year or two back when it transpired they wouldn't permit any DSLRs in for a rare opening of one of the abandoned stations.

Reminds me, I need to keep an eye out for that annual "unusual openings of houses normally closed or strictly private" event around Aug/Sep.
Someone else's photos (and the site is thoroughly recommended for anyone interested in transport stuff!)