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Should I be quite so excited for Eurovision? If Austria wins, I'm liable to explode in a rainbow of squee. ^_^

Anyway, all the supplies are in for the event: just picked up the bread (two crusty baguettes, warm from the oven, along with a sourdough bloomer and an olive focaccia) and some sliced meats (some more of the superb Italian style ham I tried the other day, as well as some hot Italian salami and some peppered salt beef), and some cream cheese stuffed sweet peppers. And to ensure the availability of really good Long Island Iced Teas, some good London gin (much as I enjoy the graanjenever here, it's really quite a different animal) and white rum (similarly, Captain Morgan's spiced is highly palatable, but it wants to take over the flavor in a cocktail).

Anyone else watching? ^_^
*hug* Yes, still here and posting occasional ramblings (I've added you to the filter I've been using recently). Livejournal is, for me, part tweet lengthener (twitter seems to be the closest I manage to social) part.. well, journal. Somewhere I can jot down those bits of the goo that passes for my brain that boil over.

Either I haven't paid much attention to recent BBC contests or else I've just forgotten how glittering they must have been. Look at what they could've won. Good game.

Conversely, we didn't rate many of the acts this year. I don't believe anyone scored above an 8 in any category. Like many people, I don't get how we can have such catchy tunes in the charts and yet the Eurovision tunes are very... Eurovision.