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I noticed spidermouse is looking for identification of a particular automobile.. this sounds like a job for savak or xolo! (Car recognition is, I think we can say, not amongst my Amazing Panda Powers™)

A couple drawings of potential interest, over on
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I noticed <lj user="spidermouse"> is looking for identification of <a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/spidermouse/19143.html#cutid1">a particular automobile</a>.. this sounds like a job for <lj user="savak"> or <lj user="xolo">! (Car recognition is, I think we can say, not amongst my <b>Amazing Panda Powers™</b>)

A couple drawings of potential interest, over on <a href="http://www.thedigitalbits.com/>The Digital Bits</a> DVD site: <a href="http://www.thedigitalbits.com/contest02.html">one of five copies of Bubba Ho-tep</a>, and <a href="http://www.thedigitalbits.com/contest04.html">a Moria orc cast</a>. Both close on June 4th, and are open to entrants worldwide.

<a href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0311289/"><i>Holes</i></a> I found to be something of a disappointment, to the degree of wishing for the film to conclude. (Although a cameo by Eartha Kitt almost made it all worthwhile ^_^) I found this to be rather a surprise, as I recall the reviews being quite positive, and IMDb lists it at 7.3/10 - which itself, of course, is no guarantee, but I usually find a spread of opinions a sensible barometer. I can go into greater detail, if anyone feels so inclined.

Ye gods, but there's a lot of portscanning going on.. nothing of any significance or "active" maliciousness, thankfully, but there's plenty of knocking on the doors of ports 6129 (DameWare exploit), 2745 (Bagle.C), 1433 (SQLSnake), 3127 (MyDoom/DoomJuice), 1025 (Fraggle Rock), and 5000 (BackDoorSetup; Bobax, Kibuv) including from some apparently carrying all of the above. (Slightly odd, to my mind, is that in most cases, these connection attempts on various ports tend to come from a given machine within the same three seconds or so, rather than just randomly, as you might expect from separate processes. Can anyone offer insight as to why this might be?)

Port usages listed by <a href="http://isc.sans.org/trends.php">SANS</a>, who also offer the data in other forms, including graphically, as with this <a href="http://isc.sans.org/port_details.php?port=5000&repax=1&tarax=2&srcax=2&percent=N&days=70&Redraw=Submit">70-day chart for port 5000</a>. It's rather akin to looking at onesself under a microscope: you know what's there and is going on all the time.. despite that, there's a certain fascination involved.

Oooh, <a href="http://sketchi-chan.deviantart.com/">red panda furry artwork</a>.. ^_^

BTW, if you happen to follow the online comic <a href="http://zebragirl.keenspot.com/">Zebra Girl</a>, be sure to have a peek at the <a href="http://zebragirl.keenspot.com/images/zebragirlcontroller.jpg">X-Box controller</a> someone made up.. quite spiffy.

Care of <lj user="sockscatt">, clear evidence of the quiet superiority of Canada: <a href="http://cms.3m.com/cms/CA/en/0-243/kkRcuFO/view.jhtml">transparent duct tape</a>. Is it not fascinating?

Finally: how's <a href="http://www.anatomorphex.com/AN047_M2.html">this</a> for an pretty cool 'roo design? (1.8MB inline QuickTime of one of the commercials in question, for a Samsung laptop)
> I noticed spidermouse is looking for identification of a particular automobile.. this sounds like a job for savak or xolo!

Mystery to me. I'm pretty knowledgable about open wheeled racing cars, and can identify most of those back to the 1890s, usually with a short dissertation on their features. Passenger cars are a different matter.
Oh! All my hopes rest on Savak now.. [makes piku eyes]

Nice 'roo, though, ne? Although, for me, nothing can really surpass the Anabukin-chan bunny.. ye gods, but those were superb works. I wonder what became of them? I'd like to think they're in good homes..

I wonder if I should mention these portscanners to the support desk? They're not causing any problems to me, of course, but the owners might be appreciative of the notification. The ISP seems mildly active about such matters - apparently, untoward port 135 traffic will cause the next web access to redirect to a warning page. Still seems a little odd that, in most cases, these scans appear at the same time - ie, all six or so ports within three seconds, rather than spread out randomly.

How difficult is it for Joe Public to get into rally driving? It seems it'd be vastly cheaper than Formula 1 et al, but I could be equally mistaken. Ever given it thought yourself, I wonder?
I'm not absolutely positive, but I think the car is a 1963 Dodge Dart.
Ahh! That provides some more clues, if slightly on the fuzzy side. That does seem very much the creature in question, yes. Thanks for that! **hug** It would seem now to be a matter of narrowing it down between the year variants - which might be trivial, or a Mission Impossible, depending on how enthusiastic the marketers were feeling. ^_^
I agree...looks like a Dart to me. As for Holes, yeah, it looked good but when I actually sat down to watch it I was quite disappopinted. The only intersting parts were Ertha Kitt and, of course, Ms. Weaver as the bad guy. A spidermouse? Neat! I've been a spiderskunk online since my early days of FurryMu.
That list of portscanners sounds like the quarantined files folder I was looking at on my computer earlier. I'd built up quite a collection from emails in the last 3 months. Thank goodness for Norton AV and my up-to-date subscription. =:)
That kangaroo is soooo cute!
That roo site is pretty nifty :)