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Eep! I'd only just realised: Eurovision is almost upon us! The semi-finals - this year, being held in Copenhagen - will be on the 6th & 8th of May, with the final on Saturday, 10th May 2014. =:D I haven't yet paid any attention to the songs, so I've no idea yet what anyone's putting forth, though I'm led to understand the UK's entry might not be nul points.

Harking back to my reminder last time about the EU (and local, in some constituencies) elections on May 22 2014, you might find it fun to check how your inclinations jibe with those of the main UK parties, based on 26 questions. VoteMatch 2014 will then rank them according to compatibility. How will you (and they!) fare? ^_^

There's rather a good Animal Crossing-like game coming out for iOS soon: Castaway Paradise. Indeed, it's actually available now, but only in Canada - a strategy devs sometimes use as a soft launch or beta, so they can get it out into the real world, without the full strain on servers or suchlike of a worldwide launch. Looks perhaps even better than AC:WW, though I suspect they may also adopt AC's way of ensuring you can only be human, whilst everyone else gets the fur. =:P (That said, I pretty much always wore the bunny hat, which sort of made up for it =:)

I've just joined a political party. You can probably guess which. ^_^

If you've been tempted by a Lapinity print - including one of the rather spiffy Fotoflot bonded prints, it looks like I may be able to offer quite a good sale on May Day - the various labs involved are all holding a sale, so I ought to do likewise. ^_^ It'll run from noon to midnight UK time (Pacific 4am-4pm), May 1 2014.

So, I finally got to see Frozen the other night. ^_^ Visually, one of the best Pixar/Disney's come up with yet - but, I admit, it didn't quite ring with me. Plenty of talent on show, absolutely, but I feel I actually enjoyed Brave much more. Still, I definitely appreciated the fact the "act of true love" wasn't of the kind traditionally associated (nigh mandated!) with Disney - and more realistic for that, insofar as one can use the term in such a tale. =:)

If you've played Device 6, the devs have posted a guide to the many references included in it, and its inspirations.

For foofers: Boomer, a tiny robot dinosaur. ^_^

Seems John Lewis are planning some little celebrations to mark their 150th anniversary. "The [300 Oxford Street] store will also open its roof to the public for the first time with a roof garden designed by Royal Horticultural Society National Young Designer of the Year, Tony Woods. We’re promised events such as film screenings, pop-up restaurants and World Cup parties throughout the summer."
Look, leporine teeth can still give a nip, you know. =:)

I'm sure they do, but they can't compete with a wolf's 42 pearly-whites! :D

But I was only half-joking! From all I've heard, the Loonies are actually one of the saner parties in the UK.

Can you join multiple parties? Over here, pretty much all parties have requirements that you can't be a member of another party at the same time. I'd not put it above the Loonies to not have one, but your other party of choice may.

Not that they'd have to know, but. :P