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First off, I really ought to point out an important date: May 22 2014, when the next EU Parliamentary elections are being held. As they're proportional representation, you can be confident that your vote actually will make a difference, not only if it's for one of the two largest parties. (Note that that's just before Confuzzled 2014 - if you're heading down there early, you could arrange a postal ballot, or let someone cast your vote by proxy, as outlined here)

Almost as important (*cough*) is MLP:FiM. Sadly, it looks like one of my network drives has gone south, taking with it a lot of TV, including all of my ponies. I've recovered the first half of this season, which had been synced to the iPad, but the rest.. has anyone else been fetching them off YouTube as they've been posted? (They're usually gone after a week or two, so it's not as simple as just fetching them again) Maybe, in my next reshuffling, I'll repurpose the old RAID for important TV and film. Though what I ought to do, I suppose, is look into the practicality of an Unraid server using purely external drives.

Should I so excited about a tunnel? ^_^ I noticed, the other day, that the London Transport Museum was, unusually, making it possible to walk through the Thames tunnel between Wapping and Rotherhithe - normally, it's alive with trains, but between May 24-26 2014, they'll be letting people view close-hand the first tunnel beneath a major river, started by Marc Brunel in 1825, completed with the help of his son, Isambard. Tickets went on sale at 10am on Thursday, and were completely sold out by the end of the day. =:D (Though, there might be scope for cancellations - I see the 1710 slot on the 25th shows some availability, but that could be a single ticket)

Quite a neat (UK) competition being held by Morrisons and McGuigan wines: win a trip to Sydney for two, with a tour of the vineyards and lunch hosted by the owner and John Torode, co-host of MasterChef.

Of possible interest to austin_dern: a Kickstarter to restore a vintage diner in east Detroit. "Rose's Fine Food is located on the east side of Detroit, in an area that has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Our dream is to be a part of bringing stability back to this neighborhood by providing a spot where its easy and comfortable to access delicious food made from scratch with quality ingredients. The items on our menu will boast produce from many of the farms in the city, and we will bake our own breads, pies, cakes, pastries, and anything else we can think of in a wood burning oven. Picnic baskets stuffed with the bounty of summer will sail out the doors in the arms of hungry patrons, bound for a lunch on historic Belle Isle. Instead of building a new building to house our dream, we chose a vintage diner with all the charm and memories still intact." And the good news is, they're already successful: with 23 days to go, they were already over 90% there. Three days later, they've breezed past their target. ^_^

Music Tech Fest has announced their dates: 5-7 September 2014, in conjunction with the London Symphony Orchestra. "We have some fantastic collaborations, experiments, performances, showcases, demonstrations and ideas to share with you over the course of the weekend - with special guests, live cinema, a music hackathon like no other - and a gathering of some of the world’s finest minds, fresh from inventing the very future of music itself."

OnLive recently brought out a service offering full-blown SL on Android devices, but came in for some well deserved criticism of their pricing. They've since lowered the fees to something much more interesting: $10/mo for unlimited time, or $1/hr. It's obviously more expensive than a text-only or partially graphic client you can buy outright, but as it's all rendered server-side and streamed to you (so, be sure you're on good WiFi or an unlimited 4G plan =:), it has all the in-world graphical wonder possible. 'Course, I'm still hoping the Lab eventually comes through with their own native mobile clients, rendering on the device, but this does seem like a reasonable interim solution, with the caveat of the high bandwidth requirement.
Dog's been pulling these down all along. So I think we've got 'em all at 1080.

Unfortunately my own desktop has been dead again for months now, so I can't just set something up and send a link.

Send me an ftp that I can upload to and prolly help out.
Oh, finestkind! *hug* I'll see if I can arrange something. Maybe I can get a port opened for inbound traffic here, and set up port mapping accordingly. Or maybe some video sharing site. Reminds me, I really need to get my own site brought back - I've got all the data tucked away on Hazel, and even some funding in place with a hosting provider, but haven't got around to getting it all configured, hence the wealth of broken images on my journal, for the moment.

And yay for full 1080! I wonder - given the show's Flash animated, will DMX just be able to re-render them at 4K? I'd presume so, but I've never worked with Flash.
Don't forget there's local elections on May 22nd as well in all manner of English local authorities, including the full slate at London borough councils! :D
Ah, good point! It's solely the EU, in my local constituency, so I neglected to note that. Should be interesting to see how London fares - hopefully a slap in the face for UKIP. =:D Not sure who else to root for, though, given how wretchedly similar the Conservatives, Labour, and LibDems have become - if the Greens are putting forward some good candidates, I'd love to see them fare well.
(Deleted comment)
w00t! That's perfect. ^_^ Currently got the most recent four episodes re-downloading, as I'd only recently begun watching them again, and had only got to Maud Pie before the drive went wonky. (Rather a good episode, I felt - the ending was very nicely done)
Torrent was what Dog suggested when I got home last night. I did a speed test here, and I get about 40k up here sustained....if I'm lucky.

So, seasons 1 & 2 @ 1080 are 23G on disk here.

That'll take pretty much forever. It would be faster to burn a bluray and post it to you. :)
Eep! That's a fair few bytes. ^_^;

Actually, it might not be necessary after all - mycroftb pointed out a site, and I've got the four recent episodes I hadn't yet watched. Now to see if the other seasons are as cooperative!

FWIW, what kind of speed do you get, anyway? Here, it's pretty decent - not FTTH, but FTTC, yielding about 5MB/s in, 700KB/s out. Not bad, considering my first DSL connection was a mighty 512/256Kbits. Came in really handy in the last gig, where I was occasionally shoveling multiple gigabytes up to the project archive, or downloading similar from our post house partner. (Their demo reel was quite impressive - showed just how many title sequences and adverts they've worked on. You can see a cut-down version of it on the project's site - as it notes, it's all been through the pipeline, just portions were deliberately only partially rendered, so as to expose the contour edges)
And of course, I now notice you said what kind of uplink you have.

Have I mentioned I am a bunny of very little brain? ^_^;
You can get all MLP:FiM episodes on iTunes (and, I think, also on other such services), though I don't know how well this'll work if you're from Foreignistan and not from the good ol' US of A.

Will you be at CFz?
I believe it's still US-only, indeed, through iTunes and elsewhere. (Apparently, it's more profitable to not sell episodes than to sell episodes. Who knew?)

I may subscribe to the next season, but I'd like to hear some noises out of whomever's responsible for uploading the files to Apple that they'll check the encodings first. Last season, out of thirteen episodes, about four had faults - IIRC, three had a slapback effect resulting in all the audio sounding as if heard down a long pipe, and one had a glitch that put the sync out midway. Excusable if they were amateur encodings, but less so when paid for.

If only it were easier to pitch product ideas to Hasbro.. I'd love to see a music video collection (downloadable worldwide, discs in major countries) with the original tracks as videos, plus an assortment of fan creations, all negotiated fairly. Mind, I'd also like to see just the series available worldwide, perhaps with a bit of price trimming, especially if bought as a full bundle of everything so far - a virtual box set of all four seasons, and both soundtracks, for £50 would be irresistible. =:D

Nope, no cons for a while yet, but I might consider something in 2015, especially if I'm back into fursuit construction by then: I'd love to appear as my SL self. ^_^
I believe it's still US-only, indeed, through iTunes and elsewhere. (Apparently, it's more profitable to not sell episodes than to sell episodes. Who knew?)

Ah, I see. And who knew, indeed!

As for iTunes' sucky encodings, yes, some quality control would be nice. OTOH, they're fixing these, aren't they? (If only after there's an outcry.)

especially if bought as a full bundle of everything so far - a virtual box set of all four seasons, and both soundtracks, for £50 would be irresistible. =:D

Make it non-virtual and I'd buy it, too. :) Maybe a nice deluxe edition, on DVDs and Blu-Rays (and CDs, for the soundtracks), in a slipcase and with a nice 64- or 128-page volume accompanying the whole thing? Yup, that'd be cool.

I'd love to appear as my SL self. ^_^

Heh! Hope you'll be able to do that, then. :)
(Deleted comment)
Indeed, GPUs can handle much of H.264 decoding, though we seem to be a little way off such H.265 support.

Pity about the blockiness - I wonder if that's variable? Other reports over on SLU seemed quite happy with the image quality.

I do hope an iOS client comes about - I'd love to be able to get in-world while in the bath. ^_^ Though, IIRC, there is/was a general OnLive iOS client, but Apple never approved it, for reasons unknown. 'Course, the ideal would definitely be a native SL viewer for iOS. Time for me to nudge Ebbe.. !
Drives can sometimes be resued, if you should so choose ^v^ .... good luck to you either way....! .. *hugs*
Rescued, you mean? ^_^ Mm, I'll be giving it a try - supposedly, putting a failing drive into the freezer (suitably wrapped up) can reanimate them temporarily. I suppose then the issue, if that succeeded, would be selecting what to save first, considering it's a fairly full 3TB. Though, at least it's USB3, so even a full copy would "only" be around nine hours, at around 100MB/s sustained read.

And I'll soon be needing another RAID set, too - the current one (a pair of the same drives as above, yay) is approaching full. =:/
eeep.. *blush* yep.. (sorry about the typo)... I've seen that work on occasion, a few other methods also.... and if (persish the thought) nothing seems to work, there are good rescue places, like lowcostrecovery.com is the one I use.... *hugs and best of wishes!*