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Well, this is pretty cool. ^_^

That is such a terrific picture!
*grin* Thanks. It's probably my favorite of all, so far. ^_^ Even if I'd been able to choreograph the scene, I couldn't really have designed the moment any better - the vertical bun's expression and poise is priceless. =:D And even the lighting's good, with warm green tones. It's a constant reminder to me of just how fabulously agile rabbitkind is - exactly what I hope to convey in my photography. ^_^
Very cool, indeed.
I'm quite tickled. ^_^ With any luck, maybe some of the folk who've clicked through will return in the future. (Reminds me, I should maybe note the site's update schedule on the About page as well as the opening blog post - I'd like to encourage visitors to return, knowing the site will have new goodies on offer)

I'm currently feeling a vague desire to walk up to whoever came up with that line and ask "you're what now?". :P

Good to see the picture featured, though! I hope you'll get a fresh bunch of hits (and orders) as a result, too.
Congrats on having it featured! It is an awesome shot so no wonder why it got the attention :D