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Kit-Kat with white chocolate and a lemon yoghurt filling. Yum. ^_^

The perfect unbirthday gift: canned bees.

This photo, supposedly, was taken in Patagonia. Obviously, I'm suspicious - don't motorbike passengers need to be fairly cooperative? But WTH: it's a neat image in any event.

Courtesy of MacBidouille, a photo of some poor guy's process of shunting data off a failing hard drive. The key component: cooling it. ^_^; (Hopefully Bunny's drive isn't going poof any time soon.. it's now about five years old, and whilst it's a little on the noisy side, it's always been that way - a TravelStar 14GH, the largest available in 1998. ^_^)

Thankfully, Sunday and Monday's flu was mostly gone by the time I awoke on Tuesday, and all is now back to normal. ^_^ Much of the joy in visiting friends (or being visited) is, ultimately, the sharing of experiences, even as simple as enjoying a film or anime episode together; however, I think I'd exclude flu from that list. Ah well. We persevered, and a few more episodes of Azumanga Daioh let the time pass enjoyably all the same. ^_^ Would that there had been time enough for more Princess Tutu.. speaking of which:

You are Princess Tutu!
You are Ahiru...er...Princess Tutu. Although you
tend to quack (quite literally) under the
pressures of daily life, when one of your
friends is in trouble, you are always right
there to dance their problems away.

Which Princess Tutu character are you? Version 1.0
brought to you by Quizilla

And finally, for now, enjoy quite an entertaining tale of a security mechanism outside Area 51, courtesy of The Register.
*chuckles* Canned bees? That's a new one.
Daaahling! They're all the rage! Just affix a little thread to their fuzzy little bodies, et voilà! Matching earrings!

(Which then leads to the idea of attaching two to the same thread.. what would happen? No, I don't want anyone to actually try this, but admit it, you want to know too.. ^_^;;)