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If Cambridge (the original, not the Massachussetts one) is within reach for you, you might want to take note of the Retro Gaming Night at the Centre for Computing History, on Friday, Feb 21 2014, 7pm-1am. It's a "bring your own booze" affair, 18+ only, with systems including "Atari 2600, Grandstand Tennis Console, Nintendo NES & SNES, Sega Master System, Megadrive and Mega CD, NEC Turbografx, Panasonic 3DO, Sony PS1 and PS2, Nintendo N64, GameCube, Atari Jaguar, Sinclair ZX Spectum, Commodore 64, Amiga and CD32, Atari XE, Atari 600, Sord M5, Sam Coupe, Canon V20 MSX, Sharp MZ-80K, Toshiba MSX, Acorn BBC Micro, BBC Master Compact, Original IBM PC, Apple Mac, Commodore PET, Enterprise 128, NEC PC-FX, Super Famicom, Philips CD-I, Commodore VIC-20, Mattel Aquarius". =:D

Here's a time-lapse compilation worth a couple minutes of your time, Outside My Window, from aboard the ISS. It's quite wonderful, in the simplest sense. This is what we're capable of!

While viewing Blood & Oil, about the necessity of following your passions, I noticed a welcome tweak to the site: it's now possible to tip creators directly, not involving PayPal, though that's also an option. I'd love to see more support for non-PayPal tipping, whether Flattr, Amazon Payments, or a conventional payments processor.

A little geegaw of interest to users of newer iPads with Lightning connectors: a combo USB/memory card adaptor. Whilst it's not been a priority for me, on occasion, I've wanted to review the day's shots on a larger display than the D7100's own, and the iPad's obviously the ideal candidate for that. And lo, it works! It does feel as cheap as it is, but at least prima facie, it seems to do what it claims: reads SD Cards (at least, the 32GB SDXC I tried), and provides USB connectivity, proven here with an M-Audio Keystation 49 MIDI controller talking to VirSyn's Addictive Synth. =:D (And no powered hub required - just the keyboard straight into the iPad)

Apparently, the UK government intends to sell your medical records. Here's how to opt-out (also rephrased here).

So, that was a little out of the ordinary - received a call identifying itself as coming from a UK 0845 number (a relic of a bygone age, originally intended to make calling companies cheaper than doing so with their normal, geographic number, by charging all such numbers at the cheapest "local" rate. Of course, now, with most people either using cellphones with umptykajillion days of calls included, or landline plans with calls up to an hour free, those 0845 numbers wind up costing more than they would - a portion of which goes to the company in question), so I was expecting it to be some corporate follow-up or somesuch. Then I heard the words "Barclaycard" and "fraud" uttered by the synth voice on the other end.. =:/ I've had those a few times in the past, innocuously, usually after Linden Lab's tried processing a payment: the system reads out the most recent few transactions, and asks whether you recognise them or not. In this case, that was a tiny amount to some children's clothing company, then increasing amounts to a telco based in Ireland - first two for £25, then £100, then £300, followed by £2000 to a college (!). The larger ones were rejected, just leaving the two £25 and clothing to dispute online, when the replacement arrives on Friday or thereabouts. So, no huge harm done, though I'm left wondering which retailer's going to be announcing a data breach shortly..

And just out of random curiosity, how about sharing drinks you enjoy? ^_^

What’s in your drinks stock at the moment?

Spiced rum
Light rum
Red wine
White wine
Other spirits/liquors (tell!)
Oh, nothing wrong with mixing good rum - I used a good dash of Rumbullion NS with ginger ale the other night. ^_^ (Though, admittedly, whilst it certainly was good, I'd probably just use some cheap rum next time, given Rumbullion Navy Strength is such fantastically tasty stuff by itself)

I used to be very sceptical about flavored vodkas, but then, one GBBF a few years back, I discovered Thunder Toffee Vodka - very pleasant, smooth, and perfectly flavored. And of course, impossible to find in any shops, so it's mail order time for it - think the roomie got his bottle via Amazon. And last night, I set about two new infusions, having been quite pleased with how the previous ones had turned out (coffee beans, and long peppercorns): vanilla pod, and cinnamon sticks. Already, they're rather pleasant, with the vanilla one smelling positively heavenly. =:9 I'm using some cheap dry Schnapps Sainsbury was selling off a couple months back - basically half-strength vodka.

I do need to try jenever sometime. ^_^ Maybe that'll make its way into my next Master of Malt order in February. I'm quite hankering after a good Scotch, too - of which they have.. one or two. =:)

Reminds me, I need to try out the Baltic Restaurant sometime - the roomie was quite impressed by their range of infused vodkas. =:9 (Rose hip apparently works particularly well)
Ooh, all of those infusions sound excellent! (Not in the same league, but I am looking forward to opening my bottle of Absolut Pepar.)

I recommend http://www.jenevermuseum.be/index.php should you find yourself in Belgium. Anywhere in Belgium is close enough to be an excuse :)
Well, I am trying to lure an old Uni friend into being chauffeur for a Belgian trip around Easter.. ^_^ Neither I nor the roomie drive, and I'm quite keen to revisit Westvleteren - it's been much, much too long since I enjoyed Westvleteren Abt.12, which does indeed live up to its reputation. I'm thinking something like a gentle migration up from Calais to Bruges over a few days could be rather enjoyable - I recall there being no shortage of dangerously tempting restaurants in Bruges, let alone all the photographic possibilities.

The cinnamon's really taken off quickly! Even now, it's got a rich taste to it, with that lovely, mild pepperiness. We established it works rather nicely with a good dash of Thornton's chocolate liqueur. =:9 The vanilla will want more time (I'll probably simply leave it to sit as long as it survives), but it's rather nice as is, just relatively weak. Lovely aroma, though. ^_^
Well, I'll soon be enjoying my first sample of jenever, courtesy of the order from Master of Malt arriving on the morrow: Filliers 1992 Vintage Graanjenever 2nd release.

Though, arguably, the star of the delivery will be Dictador 20 Year Old Rum, a 14-24 year old rum from Colombia, which seems to review very well. Previously, about the best I've enjoyed was one I stumbled upon in Waitrose's selection a couple months back, Havana Club Selección de Maestros; well, okay, I'm also very fond of the aforementioned Navy Strength Rumbullion. =:9
Ooh, exciting! I look forward to your findings ^.^