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Belly pork

Okay, I suppose it's sort of time for an actual entry again. ^_^; (Without quite such a gap between entries!)

First off, a series of weblog posts from Chris Giles Photography, on marketing yourself as a photographer. They're an entertaining read, perhaps even if you're not any breed of photographer, going into the effectiveness of different forms of print advertising, commercial and free directories, social media, et al. He's writing from the perspective of wedding photography, but the insights (complete with specific, actual costs, and the results obtained) are food for thought, whatever your genre. The anecdotes aren't just useful, but quite surprising sometimes - like the introduction to one wedding fair, for the massive outlay of £50 for a 6' table, held at a local private airport. Despite being poorly advertised, with not one person actually coming along on the day for the fair, it yielded a booking, plus repeat work for a medical company's Spring Ball. Go figure. =:D (And massive bonus points to the guy for referencing The Adventure Game directly after =:)

I also stumbled upon a manga series which might be of some interest to.. quite a few of you. ^_^ Kigurumi Planet - all the issues are there, translated into English, downloadable as plain zip archives, and thus ready to haul into your favorite reader app. (On the iPad, one I've long liked - a bit simple, but none the worse for that - is Cloud Readers. Completely free, and Universal, though I've only ever used it on an iPad) The manga itself? "One day, university student Narumi Daisuke meets a pink kigurumi rabbit in the street. This kigurumi, named Arita, falls in love at first sight Daisuke! But, no matter where the two meet, it seems that Arita won't take off his bodysuit. To Daisuke, who finds this strange, Arita makes a shocking confession! If he takes off his costume, he will die... "The truth is, I'm an Undergrounder!" Is he for real?!" It's really quite a delight to read - very cute, of course; and being a tale of romance, too.. ahh, it left me smiling on so many pages, recalling my encounter with Twue Wuv. ^_^;

Finally, the iPhone 3G's time has come - I'll be giving it to my mother next time I visit, probably in a week or two. In its place, an awfully shiny golden iPhone 5S. ^_^ Too early to say very much about it, but I'm surprised how well the fingerprint reader works. I took its arrival as my cue to finally abandon Yoru Fukurou as my "desktop" client, and go with Tweetbot there, and on the new device as well, replacing my long-time favorite, Twittelator Pro. Why? Well, Tweetbot's UI is particularly nice (whereas YF's was rather more just functional, and the ability to sync position between all of them is pretty cool - if I scroll to the top on the iPad, I'll automagically be put at the top on the other devices as well. Hardly a huge matter, but convenient, given I'm often reading on the iPad, and may then resume on another device - this saves that bit of nuisance in having to manually sync position.

Whether it bodes well for the rest of the Winter, we'll see, but Saturday saw some of the most enjoyable rabbiteering in several weeks. ^_^ It was an unusually bright, sunny day, and in one of my usual spots (indeed, the only one that's really been active of late - a small field used for antenna testing, with a rather foreboding "24 hour surveillance" sign on the gate. But, the patrol's visited a few times while I've been there, and they've been entirely cool with it), about five buns were out and about, even engaging in a few good chases, such as below. Whilst my favorite spot, by an old dairy, remains unfortunately completely dormant, as far as I'm able to see (which, of course, can easily mean they're mostly underground during the cooler months), a little further up the footpath I did spot a couple buns - and with the option of a pretty good vantage point, too! If that can become a new bunspot, I'll be delighted. And a little further up, what could have been a youngster, in a similar spot as "Newcomers" last year. That's rather less of an observation point, but with the chance of a memorable candid shot.

BTW, if you've backed Kung Fury, or have been considering it, they now have an ambitious stretch goal (having blown past their original $200k goal): if they can hit a million, it's go for a full-blown feature film. =:D And if you've not yet encountered it.. think of all the wonderfully over-the-top action flicks of the 80s. That's what they're aiming for, with a good dose of Airplane-grade silliness. I could describe it, but, really, their trailer says it all. =:D

Turbo. Oy. What a mix-up of a feature that was - a pretty limp script with a flyweight plot, yet still, actually quite watchable, thanks to some quite outstanding direction and lighting. If this is what Dreamworks can come up with when there's no intelligible plot, I'm quite looking forward to HTTYD2 this Summer. =:D (Reminds me, I must pick up a Kinzart Midnight Dragon av sometime..) [Edit: done! I should perhaps note they’re available from a separate vendor from Kinzart’s other offerings, wall-mounted on one of the cavern’s columns, not the main vendors by the walls]

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