The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit (porsupah) wrote,
The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit

A sigh of relief

Well, I have cause to cast praise upon the fruit factory. ^_^

A few nights ago, I was enjoying a quick bath (only a couple hours), with, of course, the iPad. I got out, back into the bedroom, and woke it up again. Or.. tried to. The display simply wasn’t coming on. I took it out of its protective case (one that really appealed to me: the Maroo Candy Red leather case. That shade’s just gorgeous, and the leather is indeed beautifully soft to the touch), and saw a little water on the case rear. The display looked almost fine, but with a small triangle in the lower left corner looking a little misty.

Suffice to say, drying it by leaving it not far from a radiator had no effect, nor did burying it in rice for a couple days. Oddly, it did still show up in iTunes.

Fearing the worst, given this was quite possibly the result of accidental water damage, I started looking around for repair options - but, being a new model, it seems parts haven't reached such outfits yet. Apple do list "out of warranty" repair pricing, specifically noting water damage may be okay for that - just not severe damage, like being in multiple parts. ^_^; So, I duly arranged the option of a loan with the roomie to cover that cost, and headed into the Apple Store this afternoon to see what they could do.

A few minutes later, a shiny new iPad was in my paws, at no cost - covered under warranty. =:D

Needless to say, I'm tremendously relieved. I've found the iPad to be so very useful, for everything from casual browsing to keeping an eye on the impending weather conditions while out walking or rabbiteering. And whilst the roomie's loan was an option (thankfully), it wouldn't have been a great time to add to the financial pressures, fresh out of Christmas and New Year, with the new gig not commencing for another few days, and thus, no paycheck for another few weeks. That Apple would happily replace it under warranty, even having admitted there may have been water damage - I'm very pleased.

In other happenings: we've had a mutual University friend over for a few days, which has, naturally, been a lot of fun. No big happenings, just catching up on things, enjoying the odd film (Wreck-It Ralph amongst them - even showed an episode of MLP:FiM without any howlings of pain =:), plenty of games of Pandemic (I seem to align with the role of Scientist - the ability to cure with four rather than five cards is often useful), and even exploring the outside world a little, even if the nearby barbecue joint turned out to be closed on the 30th (without, of course, updating their website) - the Indian substitute worked out rather well, even if the service turned out to be a touch on the comedic side at times. Last night's outing, however, at what claims to be England's oldest alehouse (they were around before the Normans arrived, though did change their name around Cromwell's time). I'd had a hankering to visit them for a while now, but as they're a bit of a walk out of town, I'd never got around to it - it's so much easier to simply hop on the train and visit one of my old haunts, like the White Horse on Parson's Green, which even brews its own Pilsner Urquell - definitely recommended, if your beer tastes lean more toward lager than heavier ales. It's a touch mellower than the bottled variety.

Anyway! We arrived, and entered a building that was clearly old, with walls that weren't necessarily flat, sometimes bulging a bit, and beams that called out to centuries of busy occupation. The beer selection was indeed worthy, with a few good local breweries represented, alongside good ciders (eg Orchard Pig's Reveller) and some careful Belgian selections, including Rochefort 10. =:9 The real point of the visit, though, was the food - and it excelled. The smoked fish platter (salmon, mackerel, and eel) was top-notch, each beautifully moist and flavorsome. That left me hopeful as to the main I'd selected: a braised lamb shank with puy lentils. And that - well, that was the best lamb shank I've had. Ridiculously tender, just requiring the suggestion of a knife's touch to flake off the bone, and such tasty meat, so rich! The lentils provided a perfect accompaniment, with a robust sauce of their own.

Thus, I can strongly recommend The Royal Standard of England - worth making a special journey for. Do, however, ensure your map-reading is up to snuff, if you want to actually find it. =:)

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