The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit (porsupah) wrote,
The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit

2013 and beyond

In brief, if I may: 2013 was, personally, mostly quite a positive time. It did, unfortunately, mark the end of the now-previous project - but, we marked that with a well-attended celebratory dinner. ^_^ We did well. It’s far from done yet, with a good bit more research required, but with a fair bit of luck, that might happen in 2015.

Meanwhile, courtesy of an enquiry forwarded by the professor overseeing the project, I’ll be embarking on the next gig in a few days, again working purely remotely. (I’ll likely say a bit more in a non-public entry) Suffice to say, the project’s of an eminently suitable nature for my background and talents - I’m really looking forward to getting into it. ^_^

So, I look back on 2013 with a bit of a bittersweet blend - largely, an exciting (if highly challenging) time, alongside its ending, for now.

Photographically - well, the store is still yet to open. That must change. I laid my paws on a Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8, which has yielded some enchanting shots indeed, though I’ve wound up remaining with the 300mm f/4 much of the time, mostly for the lighter weight. The D7100’s higher resolution constantly proves its worth, given I’m almost always having to crop down, given the shy nature of my primary subjects, and their strong preference to remain at some distance. “Momentary”, though, has to stand out as my favorite shot of the year - a perfect instant. ^_^

November saw a fairly memorable combination, too, personally: a rather good dinner, with pawnytail in attendance, at one of my favorite haunts, which happened to be holding an Old Ale Festival that weekend - barleywines, Imperial stouts, and all those superb, flavorsome, dangerous brews. As soon as I learned of their timing, I had to make a booking for that night. =:D The next day: The Day of the Doctor, which I enjoyed in 3D at a completely packed out cinema, with an atmosphere unlike any I’ve known such a presentation. And finally, Sunday held a unique day: the official 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Celebration, with many of the stars in attendance on stage, and all manner of exhibits, including K-9, Bessy, and an in-depth session on how the new Cybermen were designed and crafted. Not just on show, but right there, with no barriers, just polite signs requesting paws off. (That said, a costume trailer included many other outfits, which you were entirely free to thumb through. And throughout, absolutely no problem with any kind of photography you wished to engage in, whether a cameraphone or a pro DSLR) I even, at long last, met huskyteer in person. ^_^

2014? Mmm, could be good. With luck, I’ll be able to engage in a bit more travel than in 2013. I’d very much like to see my photography develop further, both in a purely creative sense, as well as entering some degree of commercial activity. And the diet will resume on January 6 2014, with an anticipated conclusion around May-August - which will have even more of a positive impact on my self-esteem than it has already, as a few of you may already suspect. =:)

Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!
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