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FWIW, you may notice my journal’s images are currently unavailable. With all due thanks to timberwoof for the hosting he was able to offer over the years, in turn thanks to one of the folks from our mutual engagement (so to speak =:), that’s now come to an end. I’ll likely wind up hosting the site myself hereon, though I may go for some low-end commercial option - I’d need no processing capacity, after all, though I’d want to be careful about low traffic capacities. (If I wanted to share a 200MB video clip, that could add up fairly quickly against the tiny allowances I recall seeing on some offerings!)

On that note, might anyone have any recommendations, if I do go with an external offering? Low cost would be very good, but they must be a good bunch - Godaddy, f’rex, isn’t an option. =:D

(Deleted comment)
I hadn't (and I must apologise for not replying at the time. I can't defend that), no. I do have an account with NearlyFreeSpeech I set up around this time, but am only now getting around to doing something with. I hope. ^_^; My needs are very modest - all I'm really thinking of is a simple site for photography (along the lines of my 500px selection), and an image repository, as imgur's giving off signs of wanting to become troublesome (image pages appear to now be demanding the use of Flash, and recently, even identifying as an iPad seems to be problematic), so I'm basically looking to hit the eject button from them.

How easy is AWS to work with? Another recent nibble would require delving therein, with a view to GPU-heavy instances. =:9