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I hope you’ve all had, are having, or will have (yay time zones =:) a fun time of today, and the season at large. ^_^

Here, I’ve just been out with my mother for a pretty damned good lunch. ^_^ They were offering the usual à la carte options, or some platter options, which were too tempting to resist. So, the starter was a selection of six miniatures, including a taste of deliciously seasoned belly pork, a fishy wonton, and a goat’s cheese croquette, amongst others.

For the main, I went for the roast beef, while Mum chose sea bass. I’m very pleased with my choice - beautifully lightly cooked meat, medium-rare, with even the roast potatoes being mysteriously delicious.

Desserts were another variety, featuring cheesecake, zabaglione, and Christmas pudding - now, I’m really not one for the latter, but that was just so tasty!

Finally, cheese. =:9

Suffice to say, I’m not sure I’ll be eating again today. ^_^;

Anyway - sincerely, I hope you’re having a good time. I’ve been on LJ for a while now, and only now am I venturing to try meeting up with folks I’ve known here for all that time. I’m a bit of a shy sort, and not really that fond of being human, but it was a positive delight to finally meet huskyteer for the Doctor Who Celebration last month, and jayblanc for The World’s End (which we saw after having enjoyed a pint of The World’s End, at The World’s End =:).

I’m happy to know all of youse fuzzies. Long may it continue. ^_^
Many thanks. ^_^ I hope there’s been good food and drink! (Something of a fondness for me, as you’ve perhaps gathered =:)