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This is not an actual entry. ^_^;

Just to note that I'm still here, and now, with the previous gig concluded, I have time on my paws.

Yes. Be afraid. =:)

(Actual LJ entry coming.. mm, probably in the next day or two, given I doubt Friday's going to be any use photographically, and Wednesday did actually turn out well worthwhile for a good stroll. Meanwhile, there's so much to catch up on documenting, notably the whole weekend of Nov 22-24, which also saw me finally get to meet up with one LJer of distinction, and another fur who lurks adorably, and very shinily =:)

Meanwhile.. what spirits do folks love? Spiced rum, ancient whisky, mellow potato vodka.. ?
These sound nice. I've only tried Auchentoshan's 12-year old yet, and none of Glenglassaugh's offerings. I should keep an eye open for that 25-year old — complex whiskies with very long finishes are certainly a favorite.

I suppose I should nudge you towards whisky_furries as well, if you've not yet joined! It's hardly very active – in fact, I should probably make a post or two again myself, just to keep it going –, but it's a nice and friendly place.