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This is not an actual entry. ^_^;

Just to note that I'm still here, and now, with the previous gig concluded, I have time on my paws.

Yes. Be afraid. =:)

(Actual LJ entry coming.. mm, probably in the next day or two, given I doubt Friday's going to be any use photographically, and Wednesday did actually turn out well worthwhile for a good stroll. Meanwhile, there's so much to catch up on documenting, notably the whole weekend of Nov 22-24, which also saw me finally get to meet up with one LJer of distinction, and another fur who lurks adorably, and very shinily =:)

Meanwhile.. what spirits do folks love? Spiced rum, ancient whisky, mellow potato vodka.. ?
Ooh, a distillery tour! Do you still have photos, perchance? I think I'd like to see the place, when I finally get around to returning there. (Perhaps stopping off before/after seeing the Eden Project, which was quite impressive while it was being built, but I've not yet been back to see the completed enterprise. Though I believe I saw they engage in the abhorrent "workfare" scheme being so highly promoted by the government - depressingly widespread, with even M&S participating, alongside Tesco and Asda)

So that's what jenever is! Hm! How would you describe the flavor versus good London gins, like Bombay Sapphire? (I've yet to try Plymouth gin, unfortunately)

Edited at 2013-12-06 02:42 pm (UTC)
Apparently Sipsmith in Hammersmith do distillery tours. Flatmate and I are quite up for organising one - watch this space!

Jenever - the 'old' variety has an almost viscous, oily texture, and is yellowish. 'Young' is quite raw-tasting. Both are drunk neat and cold. (My 35th birthday weekend included a trip to Belgium's national jenever museum...)