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This is not an actual entry. ^_^;

Just to note that I'm still here, and now, with the previous gig concluded, I have time on my paws.

Yes. Be afraid. =:)

(Actual LJ entry coming.. mm, probably in the next day or two, given I doubt Friday's going to be any use photographically, and Wednesday did actually turn out well worthwhile for a good stroll. Meanwhile, there's so much to catch up on documenting, notably the whole weekend of Nov 22-24, which also saw me finally get to meet up with one LJer of distinction, and another fur who lurks adorably, and very shinily =:)

Meanwhile.. what spirits do folks love? Spiced rum, ancient whisky, mellow potato vodka.. ?
Not sure where I stand on spirits, had some nice ones with the croc like honey bourbon and cherry vodka. Been given some pretty nice port before, but that doesn't quite count I guess ^^"
Ahh, yes.. there's much to be said for Jack Daniels Honey. =:9 They did a good job with that - very appealing, whilst not losing its intrinsic nature.

Cherry vodka I'd say I don't like, as I'm not a cherry sort, but, I did once have some Polish cherry vodka that was indeed rather pleasant. ^_^ As far as flavored vodka goes, my favorite would have to be Thunder Toffee Vodka - lovely taste, and appealingly smooth. That said, it's been a few years since I enjoyed it, and since then, I've tried quite a few superb "natural" vodkas, so I'm not sure how it'd compare now. The roomie's bought a bottle for Christmas, though, so I'll soon be able to report back on that. =:)

Port! Mmmm, that's something I really ought to pick up now and then - haven't done so in ages. So good as a nightcap. =:9