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.. as is the telephone pole.

No injuries, thankfully, beyond shock and perhaps whiplash.

I'd just been thinking the other day about the MiFi dongle I had, sitting around sorely neglected, thinking about the only time it'd see use again is when I visit my mother, or if there was some kind of prolonged outage.

It actually didn't sound like much, oddly enough. I'd only just woken up, though, so perhaps all I heard was the brick coming through the glass of the front door.
I believe they breathalysed the driver, but I understand they're Muslim - so, maybe a case of being distracted and going rather too fast? Which is something of a problem on that stretch - houses and pavements both sides, yet some still consider it a fast stretch, even though there's a mini roundabout just ahead. =:/

The landlord (and old University friend) is, of course, joyful at the prospect of having to deal with getting quotes from all the tradesmen that'll be involved, and the insurance assessor(s). At least it seems the guy was fully insured, so things ought to be taken care of eventually.