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.. as is the telephone pole.

No injuries, thankfully, beyond shock and perhaps whiplash.

I'd just been thinking the other day about the MiFi dongle I had, sitting around sorely neglected, thinking about the only time it'd see use again is when I visit my mother, or if there was some kind of prolonged outage.

It actually didn't sound like much, oddly enough. I'd only just woken up, though, so perhaps all I heard was the brick coming through the glass of the front door.
Whoa. Good thing that nobody got hurt.
Very much so. I'm not clear on quite what happened, but that's the main thing, definitely. Things can be repaired a lot more easily than people. =:/
Absolutely, yes. Let's still hope in this case, the "things" will be repaired quickly as well, of course.
Starting, for me, with the phone line. I've been a networked bunny since.. hm. About 1985, although that was Prestel, IPSS, and BBSs - I only laid my paws on The Internet per se in 1989. And I even enjoyed cellular style data in 1998, courtesy of Ricochet. Imagine, being connected anywhere you happened to be!

Hopefully that repair won't take too long - there was a BT van at the scene for a spell, so they're aware of the situation.
Nice — I think I only started in 1994 or so, but OTOH I was only a teenager even then.
Cripes. I can't begin to imagine how that happened, but I'm glad everyone involved is OK!
The cause? My money is on speed mixed with idiot.
Definitely must've been shifting, to shunt a car forcefully enough to topple a phone pole! All I can think is the driver was distracted, as there were four people in the car.
I'm guessing that parked car jumped right out in front of the accident 'victim'?

What an un-Sunday way to be awoken.
Yikes, and wow. I'm relieved it's not worse.
Indeed! Being Sunday, there weren't nearly as many people walking as there would otherwise have been. And the driver of the parked car had only just left the vehicle a few minutes earlier.
Any parking maneuver you can walk away from is a good one?
(Deleted comment)

Th' hell?
Did someone think they were at a drive-thru?
I suspect booze is involved.

I believe they breathalysed the driver, but I understand they're Muslim - so, maybe a case of being distracted and going rather too fast? Which is something of a problem on that stretch - houses and pavements both sides, yet some still consider it a fast stretch, even though there's a mini roundabout just ahead. =:/

The landlord (and old University friend) is, of course, joyful at the prospect of having to deal with getting quotes from all the tradesmen that'll be involved, and the insurance assessor(s). At least it seems the guy was fully insured, so things ought to be taken care of eventually.
Yipe! Good to hear that there were no serious injuries (to people) but that looks like a fairly bad crash. No way was that car doing 30 mph, either.
Looks pretty nasty, that's some terrible driving.

Good thing no one was hurt, er, new wall at least? ^^"
Omg ... I wonder how this car could have crashed here ... The road seems large and straight
WOWF! ... Thank goodness the targeting system left y'all intact... 8| !