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[Edited: the spare ticket has been taken by huskyteer. ^_^ Order placed and four PDFs received. Woohoo!]

So, I've got a code from the second round ballot for tickets to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration, and as a result, have the ability to buy one more ticket. Is anyone I know interested? They're about £50.

The timeslot is Sunday Nov 24, Weeping Angel group. ^_^

(A code permits purchase of up to four tickets, and the housemate wants one, as does another friend, leaving one spare. All the tickets must be purchased at the same time. As the code doesn't guarantee availability, I'm hoping to get this seen to within a day or so)

Comment if you're interested, and I'll wind up making a decision, if one is to be made.
However, I am already spoken for that weekend, but the second I read about it I was ready to drop the cash to get to London for this... but my honeymoon trumps this by a longshot!

I'll make the Dr Who 75th anniversary, probably the 100th.
Hee! You are forgiven. =:) *hug*

I really hope we'll see Doctor Who in another 25 years. ^_^ It's wonderful that it's at such a height again, with a whole new audience having discovered the Daleks, Cybermen, and the Doctor with his return. (And with that has come all the toys!)

I wonder what kind of devices we'll be reading LJ on by then.. I suspect we're in for some radical changes in that time, although I suspect direct neural connection's probably still a bit further off.
It's funny, but I think Dr. Who will be around but I'm not entirely sure LJ will.

Especially with the political climate changing in the Russian Federation and the dissidents moving to LJ, I am under the understanding that we might end up using some new service that we all migrate to after LJ dies.
Ooh, I am definitely around that weekend (going to the theatre the previous evening). The only possible uncertainty is that there might be a karate grading, but I think that's a different weekend (can find out on Tuesday).
I'd be delighted to offer it to you. ^_^ Can you commit at this moment? It'd be awkward if I were left with a ticket you couldn't actually use. I'm eager to make the purchase as soon as possible, lest there be no tickets left. (Sales close off entirely at the start of Monday, but I expect they'll all be gone by then)