Bah! I've been completely unable to catch up. I'll have to consign myself to losing that time. Please forgive me for entries I've not read, and do point out any that I ought to see. I'll be trying hereon to keep up with LJ properly.

In the interim: something that'll appeal to almost nobody! =:D Anomaly. The impression I get is it's something you might like if you've enjoyed Tarkovsky's works. Not single-concept, but rather deeper, more abstract. It came to my attention courtesy the Sampler of Upstream Color. (I'd hope I'm not the only person who's seen that, and Primer, but I don't see much discussion about film on LJ)

Talking about films, I finally got to see Oblivion the other night. ^_^ Worth a rental, absolutely - but it could so easily have been brilliant, not just good. I shan't say more here, for now, to avoid spoilers.

Anyway - yes, I'll be updating properly shortly, likely on Saturday. It.. might not be overly concise. ^_^;