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Sorry about the quietness of late, but, I've been somewhat submerged beneath the project. In a good way, I'm pleased to note - no breakthrough yet (the contour refinement's exhibiting a nuisance of a bug that's causing quite artistic blossoms at some points. I suspect that's due to an early point in the contour simplification process, leading to the process trying to smooth non-contiguous curve segments, leading to.. inaccurate encoding =:), but I might have it next week.

I'm afraid I'm also very behind with LJ. I might not be able to catch up, at this point, but I'll try. Please, if there's anything I ought to've read, nudge me.

As for today - it's around the 30C mark, bright, unending sun. Housemate's safely inside; I took a five mile walk over a leisurely three hours, including one spot of taking a panorama shot. With the Nikkor 300mm f/4. Resulting in about 740 photos, across four rows. =:D Why, yes, that was really stupidly exerting in those conditions - but, with any luck, worth it. ^_^

And purely by chance, one intermediate point of the route took me past a pub I'd enjoyed a particularly good dinner a few months ago. With my black ASB shirt now sporting a cool white pattern of salt, that seemed like a positively excellent place to pause the excursion. Which leads me to this. ^_^ (By way of a pint of Cornish cider, and a local golden ale, in a perfectly chilled beer garden, people enjoying a few pints happily, a couple children enjoying themselves, and a couple even sunning themselves)

Photographically, there've been a few worth posting lately - I'll see if I can get around to that when I'm back in the warren tonight, or tomorrow. I'm finding the 1.4 TC perhaps slightly preferable to the 1.7 - the Sigma's a wonderfully flexible lens, and the stabilisation works beautifully, but the Nikkor's much lighter, which makes a large difference when holding it for an hour or so during bunwatching. And with the D7100's improved resolution, it's effectively a 1.4 TC with no optical degradation. Keeping to 420mm affords a more generous depth of field, too, which is very helpful when dealing with buns, who tend to be rather unpredictable in all three axes, especially in more dramatic shots.

So, what have you been photographing lately? Will you be sharing? ^_^
No worries... great to hear from you even when it's not a mammoth work that takes ultra hours from your schedule!... *hugs wingfully*... Sorry to hear about the melty heat... I hope ya get thru it ok! .... As for photogravy... couple of nutty things :D ... I was at a wedding and made some funny faces with friends in a photo booth... may post them later.. hehheh... (does that qualify?) .. :}
Also... one of my goals for the zillions of years I've been in pro photography, I've collected many formats... but one I've never been able to fully afford was Panoramic stuff... I did find an affordable Russian camera a few years ago that does 120 degree spreads.... but with film on the downslide, I haven't experimented with it muchhhh... BUT... with these smartphones out there, panorama photography has become super approachable .... so I recently 9within the last month) finally got a smartphone... and found a nice app that does 180 degree shots.... so I'm looking forward to getting into that a bit, when the situations call for it... *tailwags*
Take Care!