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Contains DK50/80

Per SCOTUSblog: "There will be much further discussion and analysis about how the decision in Perry affects other couples in California. For the time being, we will say this: the Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal challenging a final order from the trial court. It would appear, then, that the order will go into effect. And it appears that this final order purports to prohibit the Attorney General and the Governor from enforcing Prop. 8. There could well be new challenges to the scope of that order. But for the time being, the order appears to be in effect and to prevent enforcement of Proposition 8 statewide."

And on Friday, the final step in restoring marriage equality to California was taken, with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals offering their conclusion: "The stay in the above matter is dissolved effective immediately." This was followed shortly by the first post-Prop.8 couples being married by Kamala Harris, Attorney General of California.

I bought Upstream Color as soon as it appeared on iTunes, a few weeks ago, but hadn't really found the right time to watch it until Friday. Being a film from the same guy who brought us Primer - Shane Carruth - he again wrote, directed, edited, scored, and starred in this production. I shan't embark on a critique, but will simply advise that if you reveled in the non-linear nature of Primer, you'll want to see this. The cinematography is also quite outstanding, giving me strong vibes of Tarkovsky, particularly Stalker and Solaris. It's a masterpiece. Rarely do I become so intensely drawn into a film - rare, after all, are those which require such attention, or yield such a sense of disoriented awe.

If you know of John Otway (DK50/80, yay!), you might like to know about a film: Rock and Roll's Greatest Failure: Otway the Movie, showing at various cinemas around the UK, some with a Q&A with him. It debuts, appropriately, at Glastonbury, before swooping around Halifax, Aylesbury, Brighton, even eventually reaching the hinterlands of Edinburgh. (Seems to be mostly the kind of places you'd expect for fun stuff, like the Duke's in Brighton, and the Chapter in Cardiff) Quote from the YouTuber above: "Glorious 45 from the madcap duo that really deserves a place on here. Almost a hit in the UK at the time. Story of Otway's life really." (DK50/80's not a 90s track, but skawinski may well love it anyway =:)

If you live, or have lived, in California, you could do much worse than checking this State Controller's page for amounts that may be due to you. "California's Unclaimed Property Law requires corporations, businesses, associations, financial institutions, and insurance companies (referred to as "Holders") to annually report and deliver property to the California State Controller's Office after there has been no activity on the account or contact with the owner for a period of time specified in the law - generally (3) three years or more. This search page will allow you to locate Unclaimed Property that already has been sent to the State for safekeeping, as well as property that is about to be sent to the State by a business as required by law." I did so, and was whisked back to a couple addresses in the hazy past, which combined may yield about $450. ^_^

Elsewhere in the US, you can check over on the New York Comptroller's site, where they helpfully maintain a nationwide list.

An upbeat couple anecdotes from Not Always Right: Cheese Man, Helping the Waiter, and a beautiful example of how even a small gesture can be immensely meaningful: History Is Never Old News.

Just a small note: if you check my past entries at the moment, some images may not be loading. Unfortunately, it seems there's a bit of a problem with the filesystem on the server in question. Highly experienced wufs are tending to it. ^_^

There's been sighting of an unusual twin birth of sea otters near Morro Bay, not far from San Luis Obispo. The trouble is that it's unheard of for a mother to raise more than one - it's too demanding physiologically, with one of them always abandoned after a few days. But, they're trying to keep an eye on them, so when that happens, they can try to rescue the abandoned pup to raise under the Monterey Bay Aquarium's sea otter program.

A photo competition of potential interest: the Royal Horticultural Society Photographic Competition 2013. Open worldwide, until Nov 1 2013. The categories are: Plants, Details, Gardens, Seasons, Wildlife, and People. £6/image entry fee, with the prize pot nicely spread around (which seems unusual, unfortunately), offering category prizes for first, second, and third places, plus an overall winner receiving £1,000.

I've been watching a few of the US version of Kitchen Nightmares recently, and whilst there are irritating editorial elements, like the constant background music and narration, I'm outright impressed by Ramsay's passion for what he's trying to achieve, both in turning the places around as businesses, as well as transforming menus from anywhere from lacklustre to wretched into venues you wish you could visit. I love the spirit of creativity, as well as that drive and love for great food - as he routinely demonstrates, there's no magic, expensive ingredients necessary to make something sing on your tongue, just good ideas and the will to express them. It's also always interesting to study the social dynamics of the team as they are originally - usually perfectly obvious why the place isn't faring well, but most of the time, the owners are perfectly confident about the quality of their food, even as they stare at horrifying balance sheets. What the show brings, of course, is primarily someone whom all of them can respect - and can thereby bring about the necessary changes. I'd be quite surprised if there hasn't been discussion raised beforehand plenty of times, but either dismissed by the owner as unnecessary, against their vision, unaffordable, or simply deadlocked. And, yes, there's the money - some places needed much less of a makeover, such as the Old Stone Mill, being quite a gorgeous place to begin with, and others, a bit more, as with Dillon's/Purnima.

Passion. That's the key. It's glorious when things really come together, whether in cooking, cinema, or photography. It doesn't always happen, but even the desire to make something special deserves enthusiasm. ^_^

Not quite sure what I'll get up to today. The weather's pretty good, though not outright sunny - looks like there's a lot of thin cloud coming from the NW. Most likely, I'll go rabbiteering, and depending on what the buns are up to, head to one of two pubs within reach - one's right by the bus stop, but with a fairly stoic menu (not badly executed, but heavily griddle/fryer based. Best option there's the surf & turf, with some particularly tasty meat, and huge prawns cooked in the shell), whilst the other's rather more of a walk away - about 40 minutes, so double that cuts well into the available time - but with some quite imaginative options. It's also tempting to head into the City, but I'm feeling in a bunny mood today, particularly with the number of rather dull skies lately meaning I've only been up there twice since Monday 17th. Happily, I've seen a few again in what was my main spot there in 2011, potentially bringing me much closer to them. The spot I've lately been seeing more around is, unfortunately, rather obscured at the moment, with tall grass often blocking them from view - I imagine they'll be getting that cut down for hay in the coming weeks.
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