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Yipe! I've been remiss in updating.. but, you know how it goes - it's been rather a busy time, and will continue to be for at least another few weeks, in an attempt to implement a new algorithm for a paper submission deadline. It'll be a tough job, but I can but try. It threatens to improve substantially on our current contour fitting, which would likely cut the output data size handily - a good thing, from just about any deployment's perspective.

I'll try to get the pending entry up on Thursday or Friday. There's quite a bit, after all, including something.. rather special.

Anyway. ^_^

In the meantime, what's everyone been making of the current half-season of Doctor Who? Personally, I'll grudgingly admit to being discontented with The Bells, especially considering its origins - not a bad tale, simply.. well, rather without form. What function did the WiFi connections have? If they were just alerts for the Spoonheads to come visit.. couldn't they just randomly pluck people up, and be done with it? What was actually happening to those "uploaded"? What was with the magic bike, versus just tricking their way up? Eh.. no, none of it ruined it, but it just didn't really make for a tightly edited story, where the elements relied on each other, rather than seemingly being chosen for their screen presence. (See also "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship")

The Rings - okay, the pacing felt as if it'd been rather hacked around to get it to fit into one episode, but good grief, it was fun! Beautiful to look at, so wonderfully immersive, and with that theme of the dreadful weight of responsibility, and the justice of such responsibilities in the first place. It sounds like the production team went to extraordinary lengths to pull that all off, and it really shows.

Cold War (so, dear BBC, did you really have to cock up the iTunes encoding and upload just stereo audio on this episode in particular? And what's with that framerate conversion? Okay, that's not as simple a matter as it might seem, but that's just bad) - ahhh. We're back to the days of classic Who. =:D All set in quite a confined set of spaces, and gorgeously shot too, with quite a cinematic feel, albeit with rather overt teal color grading, which is pretty much par for the course. I do wish Christopher Plummer's role could've been a little more prominent, but regardless, an absolute gem of the series. I'd hug him if I could. ^_^ It's good to see another barrier broken, separating that invisible wall that seems to've been set up behind the original run - true, we've had a few other classic villains return, but mostly the iconic Cybermen and Daleks. (Any of the other lesser known ones you'd enjoy seeing come back?)

So - what have you been making of it all so far? (Needless to say, please, elaborate on your thoughts)
I missed the 2nd instalment, but Cold War is my fave so far of what I've seen.

The Macra came back in Gridlock but there seemed no real point to them other than 'get us, we're so clever with our obscure classic monsters'.
Oh, Rings is definitely worth catching up with. A quick visit to your friendly local Usenet provider will sort things out. ^_^ (Or indeed iTunes, but providers don't seem to be anywhere near as painstaking with their encodings as with DVD/BDs. Cold War was the first BBC mistake I've encountered, at least, out of a few series - Hasbro were dreadfully careless, managing to mess up the audio on four of the last season of 13 episodes of MLP:FiM. True, customer service refunded me for two or three of the episodes, and corrected three of the files within a week or two, but still, hardly a good state of affairs)

I do remain slightly disappointed we didn't get to hear Clara singing Hungry like the Wolf. =:)

The Macra were from the originals? Oo, I'll have to check where.. the housemate and I have been gradually working through it all, starting with Tom Baker's time, occasionally dotting around elsewhere, like Relevation of the Daleks the other night, from Colin Baker's stint.

Ah, poop.. it's one of the rather numerous missing stories. Maybe it'll receive the animation treatment at some point - whilst that can't really be a perfect substitute, it's got to be better than the earlier releases using still images updating every few seconds. I just wish they'd make downloads of them all available! They do have them on iTunes, but only the episodes themselves, no commentaries or other goodies. Even the current episodes there lack commentaries, though they do at least toss in the odd extra.