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Cybernetic transformation

Here's a sculptor, Yong Ho Ji, with something of a difference in his approach.. his materials are used tires, resin, steel and foam, and his subjects include anthros of various kinds.

ibneko pointed out a story about Oregon Zoo releasing Columbia Basin pygmy rabbits. ^_^ For now, they're still protected within a six-acre enclosure, safe from predators. "Although there are pygmy rabbits in other states, the Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit has been separated from other populations for thousands of years and is genetically distinct. Over time, as sagebrush steppe was converted to agricultural land, the rabbits were edged out of their habitat. By 2002, only 15 Columbia Basin pygmy rabbits remained in the region." I'm hoping they'll be able to change that. ^_^

If you're within reach of Bristol or Manchester, and have an interest in the combination of barbecue, beer & cider, and music, you could really do much worse than attending Grillstock, May 11/12 (Bristol) and June 8/9 (Manchester). ^_^ The housemate and I went along last year, and had a fantastic time, perhaps aided by the weather keeping some people away - it was changeable to the extreme of needing to keep the hood up sometimes to keep the rain off, and shielding your eyes from the sun, at the same time. ^_^; The primary cider suppliers were Orchard Pig, with all manner of tasty meatiness available, and vendors offering hot sauces and suchlike; this year, the key brewer'll be Brooklyn Brewery, of New York. =:9 Music, as you might recall, included folks like Sicknote Steve and Alabama 3. And at only £10 for Saturday, £7.50 Sunday, or £15 for both, you aren't really risking much. ^_^ If you feel like making a weekend of it, but not exclusively at the festival, you could consider a side-trip to the extraordinarily picturesque town of Bath, or for a scenic walk, travel to Weston-super-Mare, and up to the Brean Down Nature Reserve, with views extending for many miles.

Speaking of food (which happens so rarely here), I thought I'd note one of my dinner concoctions as worth repeating. =:9 Started with a smoked haddock fillet, simmering in tiny bit of water, until partially defrosted, then adding some chopped up asparagus and dwarf beans, plus about a third of an onion, finely chopped. To liven it up: a good dash of fish sauce, some Berbere seasoning, a little lemon juice, a sprinkle of mango powder and mace, a heavy teaspoon of mustard, and a bit of oyster sauce. Finally, some tiny prawns, a small handful of a stir-fry mix (mostly finely grated carrot, lettuce, and sprouts) for variety, and a package of cheap (and reasonably low calorie, at about 450) macaroni cheese. It's emphatically not a subtle dish. ^_^

A cheery little drawing/lottery from ThinkTank and Sigma: win one of Sigma's new 35mm f/1.4 lenses plus any of ThinkTank's bags. Seems like you can tweet about it in any way that includes that URL, or subscribe to ThinkTank's newsletter. It mentions US-only for the lens, but the bag can go anywhere. (The lens itself is rather nice, eg DPReview's review, "It's remarkably sharp, even wide open, outperforming not only its Canon, Nikon and Sony equivalents, but also the far more expensive Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 1,4/35 in lab tests.")

Bloom: Memories is an OS X/Windows action-adventure/RPG project you could back on Kickstarter - well worth a look, with rather more style and substance than is the norm. Linux support depends on reaching a stretch goal, so it's there, if people want it, and will shell out for it.

I haven't highlighted any furry art in a while - so, have a bunny, in Thirty One Days, by Demicoeur. (Entirely safe for all) And, this scalie by Rotarr is rather a nice depiction. (Questionable safety: topless female dragon)
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