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The Grauniad has some quite gorgeous photography on display, in a photo feature, "Britain's 10 most scenic rail journeys". And yes, loganberrybunny, the Heart of Wales line is amongst them. ^_^

Name all the comic characters referenced in this poster for The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, and you can win a copy signed by Bryan Talbot, and the festival's mug.

If you'd like to see Made in Dagenham, which I mentioned the other day, BBC 2/HD will be showing it on Mar 9, at 9pm, with a commentary of sorts on Twitter, via @BBCFilms, and the hashtag #bbc2mid, hosted by the director and composer. (Bit of a run-on, but I think I got away with it..)

Now, this is really rather a nifty project. ^_^ In 1998, when the person in question was 11, she drew a 200-page encyclopedia of catgirls. Now, she's redrawing all of them, with professional polish. It's a positive gem of retrospection. Say hi to The Big Book of Cats.

Here's a very simple means of helping depress the profits of the likes of Coca-Cola, even if you don't drink any of their stuff. (Why? As the first panel notes, they, Schweppes, and Lion challenged the Northern Teritory's recycling scheme, and won)

A rather fine refutation of climate change denialism, specifically the cherry-picking of data - in this case, the claim that the US has, in the past fifteen years, seen a drop in temperatures. Which, if you look at the graph they show, does indeed appear to be a reasonable conclusion - right up to the point where you see all the other points leading up to their excerpt, plus the one following.

We saw the sun this week! And I'm pleased I managed to hop along to my usual (well, not so usual now, though hopefully that'll change with the gradual emergence of Spring) spot, as I actually caught a shot I'm pleased with. ^_^ I was wandering up from my new location thereabouts, along a secluded footpath, and surprised two rabbits taking advantage of the pleasant weather in an adjacent field. One scooted fairly quickly, briefly coming toward me - the other, meanwhile, examined me awhile. (And this has even hit Flickr Explore!) And as the original's not cropped all that much, I'm quite curious to see how it might work as a poster - it feels like an image that would benefit from some real physical area, making the setting feel a little more real, less of a portal.

There's 'The Carpet People', which used to feature the byline 'by Terry Pratchett aged 14 and 44', or similar. Got it published as a mere stripling, made it better with hindsight.
"This book had two authors, and they were both the same person."

I think I'll have to give this a try. ^_^ Mind, I really first need to start reading again - I've been stalled for months. *sigh* No special reason, more simply that it often doesn't come to mind until the housemate and I are chatting, or when I'm about to head to sleep. (Same, I suppose, can be said of SL - I always enjoy myself in-world, yet I seldom seem to remember)

(I wonder if my mother still has any of my old school writing.. possibly, though I think the one I'm thinking of vanished way back. I don't even remember much about it, beyond that it was something of a slice-of-life tale set a century or so hence, with a visit to an antigravity "pool" involved, where you could just enjoy "swimming" around with no water involved, in three dimensions)
I want to swim in an antigravity pool!!

Somewhere I still have the children's sci-fi comedy I started in the sixth form, starring an anthroporphic cat...

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