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So.. the finale of S3 of FiM? Egad! Not exactly an episode you can just walk away from. The big concern I had was, of course, the pacing - it felt so much as if we'd just been dropped into the middle of an ongoing saga, and only got to experience the latter half of the tale. The outcome itself? Eep! Well, we'll have to see - I'd hope things won't really change very much, cute as the princess hoofboots are. ^_^ The songs were a particular highlight, being perhaps the best of this season. Now, maybe I'm just being dense, but - what would Star Swirl the Bearded's original intent for the spell have been? (We shan't dwell upon the point that perhaps it should've been accompanied by some DO NOT USE warning - but perhaps having it presented as a challenge was Celestia's intent all along, feeling Twilight up to the task)

marko_the_rat will be participating in the Million Paws Walk, in aid of RSPCA Queensland. If enough people pledge, he'll do so in full fursuit. Bear in mind the kind of climate Queensland sees.. this is no idle promise. ^_^; Go on. Show him what we can do. =:D

Delia Derbyshire will be celebrated in Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, with a 90 minute special, filming now, airing in November. 'Working from 1963 to 1972 for the Radiophonic Workshop, a unit created to provide sound effects and music for programming across the BBC, Derbyshire was responsible for many of the futuristic sounds that were to fill living rooms across the nation. She and fellow Radiophonic colleagues were denied credit for their work because the BBC deemed them to be "engineers". Ron Grainer, the composer of the Doctor Who theme, which Derbyshire "realised", fought for dual credit for her, but was denied. On hearing the piece, Grainer is said to have remarked, "Did I write that?" Derbyshire replied, "Most of it."'

And if you're in or near London, there's a season of events in Nonclassical's Pioneers of Electronic Music, between March 6-17 2013, ranging from a cinematic double bill of The Day the Earth Stood Still and Forbidden Planet, introduced by Dr Miguel Mera of City University, to an evening of documentaries, including The Delian Mode, a short examining our favorite pioneer, Delia Derbyshire.
Now there's someone I ought to remember to keep up with. ^_^ I first noticed her a year or two back, with Tightrope - quite the epitome of her style, exuding energy and some furious footwork. Makes me wonder what she's like live on stage! Probably walk out exhausted just from watching. =:D