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If you've read Clare Bell's memorable "Ratha's Creature", you might want to check out djinni's Kickstarter to produce a graphic novel adaptation. But, hurry! It closes on Saturday, and it could use a push to get it past the target - it currently stands at $5,109, from 151 backers, with a goal of $5,900. (Bear in mind, as usual with Kickstarter, you're only charged if the target is met)

I apologise for the lengthy gap in updating. I'm still around, and replying - and, I'm afraid, the pending entry has.. grown. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea for me to split it into a couple separate ones, rather than dropping a Dostoevsky-dimensioned tome upon everyone's friends pages. ^_^; I've regrettably had to disable non-friends commenting again, as the spam had ramped up. (Curiously, including quite a proportion seemingly in Japanese and Russian.. O.o)

You may have read recently about the sacking of Timbuktu, with thousands of old manuscripts deliberately destroyed. Except.. that wasn't quite what happened. Thanks to the tireless efforts of locals who saw what was likely to happen, the great majority were in fact saved, smuggled out in millet sacks. Of 30,000 in total, some 28,000 were saved. ^_^ '"I have spent my life protecting these manuscripts. This has been my life's work. And I had to come to terms with the fact that I could no longer protect them here," said Alhadi. "It hurt me deeply to see them go, but I took strength knowing that they were being sent to a safe place."'

Finally, I got to see Disney's recent acclaimed short, Paperman. And I can entirely see why it garnered the praise it did, fusing hand-drawn animation and CG, in a simple story that's classic Disney. "In Paperman, we didn’t have a cloth department and we didn’t have a hair department. Here, folds in the fabric, hair silhouettes and the like come from of the committed design decision-making that comes with the 2D drawn process. Our animators can change things, actually erase away the CG underlayer if they want, and change the profile of the arm. And they can design all the fabric in that Milt Kahl kind-of way, if they want to." Disney's kindly made it available freely: yonder.

For something a little more Old School, try Make Me Psychic on for size. Made in 1978, it tells the tale of a duck in an alternate universe who buys a device to increase her psychic abilities, and the outcome at a party not long after. If you like Jim Woodring's work, you'll be in with a particularly good chance of enjoying this.

The other day, I noticed a bit of TV on one of my old DVD-Rs, "Come Outside - RABBITS". Of course, I had to check what it was - and so the housemate and I went through the whole thing. ^_^ It's clearly aimed at a young audience, but it does feature some utterly adorable wild rabbit footage, including some within burrows. And it's even on YouTube, so I don't have to serve it myself.

The DVD-R? That was one I rediscovered while sorting through my many Mysterious Bags O' Stuff™, throwing out ancient statements, brochures, and so on. It's one I'd been hoping to find for a while, as it was the only disc I wrote out five episodes of Dogstar - the others I'd previously found and loaded onto the LAN storage. So I now have all of the first season (apparently, a second aired last year)! As far as I can tell, that leaves me in a nigh unique position, as there doesn't appear to be any official release beyond two DVDs, covering something like 10 of the 26 episodes - nothing on iTunes, and certainly no Blu-Rays. Even on the trackers, Usenet, and YouTube, no sign! Is it really that obscure? Anyway, as for what it is: it's an animated quest across space to find a lost space ark filled with the Earth's dogs. It was produced in Australia, and aired in 2007/2008. Apparently, and somewhat surprisingly, a second season aired in 2012, which I've only recently learned of.

Maybe I'll upload an episode or two, and see what you make of it. ^_^
Yay, kitties!

Also, there is a vote on what to name the two most recently discovered of Pluto's moons:
I really hope the GN proceeds. ^_^ I read RC even before I knew of furrydom, so my leanings were already evident.. it'd be quite a delight to see it given such loving, new attention, and djinni is surely ideal for the task.

Hee! Okay, had to go through with that - I plumped for the relatively obvious Orpheus and Eurydice, forever in thrall to Plouton.
Welcome back!
Thanks. ^_^ I really shouldn't leave it quite so long between entries.
Ah, it's how it goes sometimes. RL comes first!
Unfortunately so. =:/ At least it's a fascinating project, and in the course of it all, leading to being able to enjoy the occasional night out, and dream of crazy lenses. =:)
*nods* As long as it's fun and pays well, it's probably not the worst sort of job to have, even if it occasionally curtails your ability to do other things.
Sorry ta hear ya been gettin' spammed again... Gotta take whatever measures are necessary, yup!
It's such a nuisance, as I hate preventing any non-spammer from being able to comment - but LJ's spam prevention seems minimally effective, given it seems like it's just the same tool being used all the time, wonderfully brainlessly posting BBcode to LJ.. =:P

But when it just keeps leaking through, to the point of waking up to another pile of the same old junk, reposted seemingly as often as they can manage (because if you aren't interested the first thousand times, hey, maybe it'll work on the 1001st time!).. bleagh. Curiously, in a poll I ran a while back, it seemed I'm in an unusual position - most folk don't receive any at all! Go figure.
rarrgh blarrgh!
Yeah... sounds downright utterly annoying... ;/
A long while back, I was getting quite a few serial-adders, but I don't recall ever getting any spam, tank dooodnesh... Here's hoping this will be the beginning of the end of those for you!
*wing hugs* ^v^