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As some of you may have noticed, I disabled comments by non-friends (such awkward terminology, but so it goes) a few weeks back, faced with dozens of spam "comments" a day, offering cheap bags and pills.

I've tentatively re-enabled commenting by anybody, which is much as I prefer it. Hopefully the journal won't start overflowing with crud again. (Curiously, this seems to be an unusual position for LJ peeps. Not quite sure why they seem so interested in me, but, so it goes)
Hi! Sorry I haven't commented on your journal in awhile - but I've had a couple of spammers commenting on my entries recently, too. I just mark them as spam and block them, though. Sorry about the spam you've encountered...that must be really annoying. :/
It did become a bit overwhelming, unfortunately. So far, it's looking okay, mercifully. ^_^; I really didn't like pulling back to friends-only, but with such a level of spam, there just didn't seem to be any useful alternative. (And with LJ as an unwitting intermediary, I couldn't even usefully report it)

Anyway, I'm delighted things are back to normal. As far as they get. =:)