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Elite: Dangerous is within sniffing distance of its target - but also its end, when January 4th has run its course in the UK. At 2am Jan 2, it's at £1,175,351 of its goal of £1,250,000. (Bear in mind, the minimum pledge is only £1 - it's just that the various levels offer all sorts of nifty goodies, including the soundtrack, shirt, copy of the novel, some starting bonuses in-game, all expansions, and participation in the alpha or beta testing) Scrub that: some 18 hours later, it became fully funded! At least, for its initial goal. Now to see about Mac support, and ten extra ships to play with. ^_^ (Thursday 1pm: it's at £1,299,724!)

Music video for the day: dan le sac vs Scroobius Pip: Get Better. (Love the "fox ears" hair!)

One animated feature I'll be looking forward to in 2013 is Ernest & Célestine (IMDb); in this clip, in which Célestine objects to Ernest's plan for her. True, it's from a press release, but the US distributor's president seems sold: "The film is a triumph of 2D animation and storytelling. A phenomenally beautiful hand painted watercolor design, immensely likable characters, a wonderful ‘friendship against all odds’ story that sweeps you up and does not waste a single minute of screen time. It is just overflowing with warmth and playful visual humor, there is so, so much to like about this movie."

Regarding LJ's recent issues: unsurprisingly, it's malicious traffic again.

So, I finally got to see Rise of the Guardians. ^_^ Whilst the plot was a bit lacking, I thoroughly enjoyed the characters (particularly the Russian style Santa, and of course, the Easter Bunny <3), and the visual creativity. The casting was likewise spot on. Despite the plot, the storyline nonetheless had a magnificent sense of playfulness, in its brighter times, making it a real joy to experience. I wasn't a fan of its hyperkinetic camerawork, but its positives easily outweighed such reservations - if you've not seen it yet, and could do with something to buoy up your spirits, see it. Or, indeed, to see Bunnymunde. =:9

Here's a good article that summarises just why the Daily Mail is so poisonous, leading in with a recent story on the UK about to be deluged by Bulgarians and Romanians. No, really: "We're on our way to Britain: A year from now up to 29m Bulgarians and Romanians will have the right to settle in Britain and claim benefits. And these gypsies in the slums of Sofia can hardly wait…"

I was almost tempted to pick up Prometheus on iTunes, at $14.99/£9.99 for HD, but then discovered that the "digital copy" on the physical discs - which come with a lot more extras - apparently include iTunes codes! (Though there seems to be some confusion as to whether those are good for HD or SD)

Taking a small survey from Premier Guitar could win you a 32GB iPad mini, preloaded with three of their guitar apps. Open worldwide.

So, the Yule/New Year break is over, and the house is back to normal. As is, I'm pleased to note, the diet, which I duly resumed on Wednesday, unaltered and in full effect. ^_^ (I have not, however, dared weigh myself again. Not just yet =:)
As I recall, SUP is somehow aligned with people not favorably inclined toward Putin, hence the occasional attacks. I've not really been keeping up with those matters, though - perhaps lupestripe's contacts might know more. I'm a bit surprised SUP haven't hired an outfit like CloudFlare yet, though, whose whole purpose is to protect their clients against DDoS attacks, using a variety of filtering means, and incredibly high bandwidth, to ensure the servers themselves never even know anything's going on. It's not cheap, but SUP must have some meaningful revenue across the subscriber base.

The author of that article also touched on an important point - that whilst the Daily Flail in print is the epitome of hateful writing, its online presence is quite a different beast, with some often quite wonderful photography and heart-warming stories. Quite a bizarre contrast, but it keeps their placement in online traffic amazingly high.
(Deleted comment)
its online presence is quite a different beast

I was going to remark on that. This Mail Online piece is the best mainstream UK media article I have seen on the MLP fandom. It stomps all over Zoe William's Guardian piece which appeared the very same day.
I'm a bit surprised SUP haven't hired an outfit like CloudFlare yet, though

Who knows, maybe they have. I vaguely recall a statement from an LJ staffer that they have a top-notch DDoS-protection infrastructure in place — in fact, they get hit by them constantly, but regular users never really notice. What we're actually seeing here on occasion are just the rare spikes that manage to make it across the moat after all.

I don't recall where I read that or who said it, though.