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The cost is perhaps cause for a sharp intake of breath, but this dragon hoodie (available in black, or white & rainbow) with a purely coincidental resemblance to a recent cinematic dragon is rather wonderful, ne? The page notes it's only made in a Medium unisex size, but they do make entirely custom hoodies to whatever design you can come up with, so size alterations would probably be easy enough, or even wholescale changes into something else entirely. There are several more photos on their site, I should note. ^_^

So, I finally got around to putting in my ha'penny into the backing of Elite: Dangerous. ^_^ Whether it succeeds in its funding goal remains to be seen - it's going to be more akin to Camouflaj's République, it seems, which powered through its target in the closing hours, than the Tesla Museum, which romped home. If you're holding off, remember you only get debited for your pledge amount on the closing date, January 4 2013, and only if it reaches or exceeds its goal. Kicktraq indicates the progress has remained steady, but needs a little bump upwards, if it's to meet its target.

If you've wanted to donate to Wikileaks before, but were stymied by the paucity of options, there's a new umbrella organisation, with a remit of helping fund investigative journalism toward transparency and accountability: the Freedom of the Press Foundation. They'll be rotating a selection of four such organisations, every two months - currently, they're Wikileaks, MuckRock News, the National Security Archive, and the UpTake. Donations can be spread however you like, à la Humble Bundle. As for the organisation itself, their board of directors includes: Daniel Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, John Cusack, Xeni Jardin, and John Perry Barlow.

Goatswood looks like a good place to visit for SL photography, or indeed, Victorian/Gothic roleplay. I'm rather more of a futuristic bun, personally, but I can certainly appreciate the exquisite level of care lavished upon the sim's construction.

A few free films up on the Internet Archive, as DVD ISOs (and lower quality transcodings): L.A. Story, A Room with a View, Blazing Saddles, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and Moonstruck.

Scott Kelby's Lighting Recipes seems like a good look into practical photographic lighting. Free, iPad only. (There's also his Photo Recipes, £13.99, iOS Universal, which I haven't tried yet)

Hm. There's nothing really stopping me from making my own HD digital box set of MLP S1, is there? Assuming the runtimes of all the episodes on the DVDs match the versions on the iTunes Store, I could strip off the commentary tracks, and add them to the iTunes files. I'd far sooner not buy physical media, but with Hasbro's licensing as it is, that'd be a viable option. Mmm.. yes, that could be a plan. ^_^ (Yay! Hasbro's released this week's episode early on iTunes!)

Could be a rather nifty commission! Capcom's running a Darkstalkers character design competition, with the top prize being the design realised by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, the artist for Darkstalkers Resurrection, along with a Darkstalkers art book, and a statue of Lord Raptor. (Open to peeps in the EU, US, and Canada)

Well, that's our seasonal music sorted. Presenting the only such you need: A Heavy Metal Christmas, by Sir Christopher Lee, including his versions of The Little Drummer Boy, and Silent Night. ^_^

Ooh, I remember that hoodie. :) Still lovely, although it looks like they still come in only one size, too. (One that MIGHT fit me — but then it might not. Not that it really matters, since either way I'm not gonna spend 400 bucks on a hoodie, no matter how lovely.)

Lovely photo of those kites, too.
How did I miss that? Ah well. ^_^; Certainly is a gorgeous piece of work. I'd likely get one now, but with the weight loss going on, anything that fits just right now is unlikely to do so next June. (Yay!) But yes, I'd want to be sure it'd fit, before laying down quite that much. (Though, I suppose it'd work out much the same price for one made to measure)

But which to get? I love the rainbow hues on the white, but the black's probably more practical for everyday use. Hey ho.. I'll ponder that closer to the time. Assuming I remember by then. Maybe I'll make an iCal reminder to my future self.

Thanks! Even as a bunny, I'll admit to enjoying the beauty of raptors. Would've been nice, of course, to've been able to get closer, but there wasn't any public access across the field in question, and I'd obviously not want to incur the owner's wrath, given I'm often lingering around there anyway, waiting for the buns to appear. (Unfortunately, they've been quite scarce of late. At least the haystack's gradually diminishing, so it ought to be completely gone in a month or so, leaving that spot free for the buns to reoccupy, if they've not given up on it)
But which to get? I love the rainbow hues on the white, but the black's probably more practical for everyday use.

Good question. I tend to stick with darker colors myself, but I'd probably like the white one regardless; it's not something you would wear every day, anyway. Or, well, I wouldn't. :)

If you do get it in the end... pictures! :)
Love the hoodie, but, apart from the price, I doubt it would fit me.
Yay, you're alive! ^_^ *hug*

Well, they do offer fully custom hoodies as well - and judging by the examples given, it'd probably be around the same price. Certainly not cheap, but not an unfair price - it does look very professionally produced.

Maybe you could commission something, say, aeronautically themed? ^_^
Yeah, they really should make it available in a few different sizes, at least.
I might actually offer a photo or two, as I'd be at my proper shape by that point. Or, at least, substantially closer to it. ^_^
Yay. ^^