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Yemeni Haraazi

Kickstarter of the day: Kaiju Combat - Giant Monsters. Awesome Fighting. Online. Put in enough, and your monster concept goes into the game.. =:D

If you were about to buy (or indeed, have) an iPad, would it be WiFi-only, or with cellular capability as well? Why?

WiFi-only or 3G/4G as well?

WiFi & cellular

Strange as it may seem, I'd never really thought much on spiders' circulatory systems - but, this press release includes a rather nifty, brief video clip of a tarantula's heartbeat, captured using MRI technology. (It also notes that "the use of MRI reduces the need for dissection and provides greater insight to internal workings as the animals are live and unharmed")

Via the Guardian's look at rabbits in film (some fun, some gruesome, though nothing untoward is pictured) came mention of Tale of the Bunny Picnic, a ten minute Jim Henson short. ^_^

jakebe's written another vignette, following on from his earlier introduction to Matthew's new world: No Man's Land. It won't take long to read; good if you're short of time, sad if you enjoy being immersed in a different world in the space of a couple sentences.

Another trailer of potential interest: Blood of Eden, a CG animated epic from Iran, apparently scheduled for late 2013.

With the previous Targus bag having broken one of its rings after a few months' usage, I'd been using an emergency replacement I had lying around - but with that one's construction being fairly flimsy to begin with, the zipper beginning to tear out was incentive to look for something a little more permanent. And with the assistance of the extraordinarily helpful people of Wex Photographic, I picked a Tenba Messenger (large), on the basis of having to be able to accommodate a 17" MBP, iPad, D90, 300mm & TC, 28-80mm, 10-20mm, plus various geegaws. And lo: it's all there (well, save for the D90 + 28-80mm, being used to take the shot), with plenty of little nooks and crannies left over. There are two zip compartments on the front flap; five pockets revealed once that's up; long, thin compartments suitable for a 17" MBP and iPad; separate lens compartments with removable dividers; another long compartment for papers, on the side against the wearer, including another five pockets, and probably more. =:) The shoulder strap is very well padded, plus padding on the bottom and side, with all the zips being suitably heavy duty, and generally solid construction. It's not the cheapest possible bag, but if you want to heft a good bit of kit around, and be able to have confidence rings, straps, or zips are going to give way at a bad moment, as well as know where every little accessory can be found, I'm certainly happy with it. ^_^

There are no great revelations, unsurprisingly, but here's a small news article about internet access in North Korea.

Amidio's been busy! They've just launched what looks like rather a fun musical noodlebox, and for free: Groovebox - Music in No Time. Sadly, it requires iOS 6, and my now venerable iPad was left behind with the latest OS. Still, they did also make two of their previous apps, Seline Ultimate, and Songineer, free. So I'm not such an unhappy bunny. ^_^

And of possible interest to someone, Raccoon Rub, in which you play masseur/masseuse to three raccoons.

I finally have a pony! Princess Cadance. ^_^ About the only piece of MLP:FiM I've spotted locally, and one of my favorites they've made so far. (Ye gods, though, that packaging!)
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