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Enough video to fill a warehouse of floppies

A few trailers that caught my eye a few days ago:

Landfill Harmonic, a documentary about a rather unconventional orchestra in Paraguay.

Upstream Color, from the director/producer of Primer. Don't expect to understand the trailer. =:)

The Sorcerer and the White Snake, starring Jet Li in a fairly epic scale fantasy, with some stunning visual imagination.

Sons of the Clouds, a documentary about the wretched and persistent state of the Western Sahara's people.

A Werewolf Boy, a Korean fantasy/drama, beginning with an orphan rescued from the wild.

Oblivion, which I'll see despite Tom Cruise, balanced by the inimitable Morgan Freeman. With Earth all but abandoned in the terrible aftermath of a nearly final war, only a few people remain, monitoring and cleaning up. Until.. =:)

The ABCs of Death, a horror anthology, with each of 26 directors given a letter of the alphabet to signify their theme. Interestingly, there's an anthro fox in one of them..

Hecho en México, a look at the vibrant and diverse music, art, and culture of Mexico. Seems like it'll have a killer soundtrack to boot.

Beautiful Creatures, a dark fantasy/romance from the director of The Fisher King.

Which of these might interest you? Have you perhaps even seen some of them already?

A vignette you might like to read, by jakebe: Matthew Prepares for his Birth.

Curiosity du jour: Björk's Solstice app is currently free (normally $1.99).

Well, it's not every day something like *ahem* contour-based image/video encoding hits Slashdot via ExtremeTech.

I should be able to return to replying and commenting on Thursday. It's been an extraordinarily stressful day and a half on the family front, more or less starting to get back to normal now, I think.
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