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I'm far from knowledgeable in the field, but this story from the Telegraph interviews Professor Magnus Essand, who's helped develop a potentially promising treatment for pancreatic cancer. Thus far, he stresses, all the results have been in vitro. The next step would be clinical trials, which is where they're apparently running into funding difficulties. Thus, an IndieGogo fundraising campaign's been started, with the aim of collecting $2m for said studies - to see whether the virus works as well in real use as it does in the lab.

I can't add much knowledge as to why no other body, public or private, hasn't funded this, but I'd like to try finding out. It certainly lacks the air of snake oil, as you'll see - this isn't a miracle natural potion, magnets, or prayer. However, S.L.Singh put out a call for any further information others might be aware of, and one individual pointed me toward this article, which delves deeper into the underlying biology, and the nature of cancer research. Essentially, it's not a unique idea, but may hold promise.

Hopefully this isn't just vaporware: supposedly a German company, txtr, is coming out with a new e-reader, the Beagle - for 9.90€. It's a very minimal spec, as you'd expect: bluetooth only (no WiFi or cellular data), 4GB internal flash, 5" 800x600 8-levels e-ink display. On the other paw, it's also only 128g. It may have caveats, though; one commenter over on Engadget: "One reader noticed (and txtr has confirmed) that the Beagle can only carry 5 ebooks at a time. They have to be pre-rendered by the [Beagle] app before being transferred over." The article also notes "Txtr is positioning it not as a standalone e-reader, but as a smartphone accessory it hopes that carriers will offer with a small subsidy", so it remains to be seen if you'll actually be able to buy it by itself; 9.90€ may just be their idea of the price carriers might sell it for.

BTW, if anyone's curious as to the kind of work some of the other project partners get up to, here's one of their showreels. Elements thereof will likely be used in our CVMP demo in December, and it's possible I might get roped into staffing the demo station.. ^_^;; You may recognise some of the sequences, particularly in Europe.

Read of some true sushi excellence. =:9 Caution: the posting is adorned with many high quality photographs of the nigiri in question.

IDW Publishing confirmed to me that the forthcoming My Little Pony comics (with advance orders exceeding 90,000, thereby outselling Uncanny X-Men =:) will indeed be available digitally, via ComiXology, commencing Nov 14 2012. ^_^

Planning for the possible is an agreeably whimsical expression of setting goals such that they're attainable, noticed via tuftears. It does perhaps leap a little between the state of easily failed and easily succeeded, but the notion remains sound.

Photography contest time! This time, it's the the Burrard-Lucases, with this quarter's theme being "travel". This one's winner gets a 24"x18" framed print of their shot, and is carried forward for the grand prize, with the possibility of a Canon 60D.

As for the previous entry, loganberrybunny came closest to identifying it precisely: it's part of a coal canal, later superceded by the railways, offering more flexibility and capacity.
the Beagle

Interesting! I would rather like an e-reader for myself, but £80 or so is simply too much for me, since all I want is something very basic to read PDF and HTML files from an SD card -- I don't even need any form of wireless connectivity. Sadly the Beagle isn't that, so the wait goes on...

commencing Nov 14 2012

Hasn't the MLP comic's release been pushed back by a couple of weeks? I've read that in a couple of places, and it would make sense if they want to avoid a clash with the start of season three -- 17 November according to some people. Of course, if IDW themselves have said the 14th, then I'd imagine they know what they're talking about!

Edited at 2012-10-12 12:56 am (UTC)
But if you've got Bluetooth somewhere, you've got the connectivity it needs. Hopefully whatever pre-formatting they refer to is sufficiently flexible that it'll permit arbitrary PDFs and HTML, certainly. The limit of five files does sound rather curious, though - with 4GB on board, that'd surely mean only a vanishingly small amount ever being used, unless it comes preloaded with Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia. =:)

I'm not sure if the comic's print run has been delayed, or if perhaps the date may yet be rescheduled - but yes, I received a reply from IDW yesterday giving that date. (I wanted to be quite certain it would be turning up digitally, so I could fire up the ComiXology app on the iPad and have more ponies therein, given I'm terrible about remembering things like physically turning up at a newsagent during hours they deem convenient. Not that the issue of 2000AD I bought through Clickwheel hasn't gone unread for about three weeks already.. *cough*)
Perhaps "pre-rendered" is a fancy way of saying "turn every page into a bitmap file"... from that point it's mostly the same as a cheap digital photo frame with an e-ink display stuck in place of the LCD. (Bitmaps are bigger files than other image formats, but I'm sure they take a lot less processing to display, also. Though with enough pages turned into 800x600 3-bit grayscale, maybe a more compact format /would/ be needed...)
Mm, entirely possible - that way, they could get away with using an extremely simple (and thus, dirt cheap) CPU. I just wonder if the required application will also be their funding gateway.. all that language about hoping carriers will sell it subsidised makes me wonder. Still, hopefully more details will be forthcoming. Certainly, if it actually could sell outright for 10€, they'd sell in huge quantities. Kobo's wares aren't overly pricy, but if you've got a family of readers, everyone could have their own, pretty much as an impulse purchase at the supermarket. Less so with iPads. =:)

Myself? Probably not. I like to keep the gadget clutter down, and the iPad fits that role already. (Eventually, certainly, an iPad 3 - or whatever's current by then - would be nice, as that display is fairly amazing, and there are one or two games coming out that are leaving the iPad 1 behind. Maybe finances'll be in a suitable position next summer. Then I'd probably give mine to the nephews, and save the fighting over who gets to use it. ^_^;

(I'm relieved how well it's worn, despite heavy use by them. I should've picked up a case early on, though)
Well, where pancreatic cancer is concerned, there has only ever been *one* treatment that worked. My mum was on gemcytabine, and it is effective, but the problem is that it's not a cure. They can only use it to buy someone time, and it's fairly well known that most people become immune to the treatment after a while. So they desperately need new treatments, and the sooner the better. Certainly anything that offers even a sliver of hope has to be worth watching out for, so hopefully they'll make some headway with that.
Do you know why it's apparently quite so difficult to treat, let alone eliminate? It seems, from casual observation, that many types of cancer have varyingly effective treatments, giving at least a fighting chance of more or less saying goodbye to it, at least for several years, sometimes much more.
Yeah, up to a point. As you can imagine, I spent a lot of time looking into it a few years back. Apparentley pancreatic cancer is the big badass because it isn't the same as normal cancer. Normally a tumour is built up of exactly the same types of "wrong" cells. So a treatment can attack all the bad cells at once. With PC and one of the lung cancers ("small cell" or somesuch) they found that almost every cell in the tumour is different. And that makes it very difficult for a treatment to be figured out that will attack the whole lot in one go.

Depending which end it's at, on the pancreas, they can go at it with a scalpel but even then the odds aren't great. If it can't be operated on, the chemo is the only way and as mentioned, that's not a great option. The gemcytabine works, but only for so long. So people have to stay on it indefinitely, except they can't because either they a) develop an immunity to it or b) it screws their health up, as my mum found out. In her case it did help shrink the tumour so small that as far as the scans were concerned, it couldn't be seen. But it *was* still there, even if it was too small to be seen by the butt-naked eye. And it does like to roam to the liver....

So... any news, however vague, for potential *cures* or other treatments are always going to be of interest. As it is, if someone ends up with pancreatic cancer, from experience I can't offer a lot of hope, and that sucks. So if there are chances of other treatments being worked on, obviously that *is* hope. :)
Hmm... At that price, I wonder how long before somebody would crack one open, reflash it, and wire in a usb wifi adapter somehow?

Even with just Bluetooth and a reflash, I can see someone mounting some on their computer to display various temperature/fanspeed stats or realtime-updated program logs or whatever... (Speaking of reading logs as they update, ever seen this program? Downloaded the free version recently trying to watch what the logfile for Bitcoin-Qt was saying it was up to, it even loads up big files faster than Notepad I think... (Plus the whole "updating as more is added to the file" thing, which is the main reason I got it really...))

Heck, once you figured out how to reflash them, you could probably even collect ones for free that people had damaged the screen on and repurpose the insides for embedded-type uses...
Hmm.. I wonder! It might be quite a bit of work, depending how the Bluetooth's implemented - there might well not be any USB stack, and possibly no space, if they've gone with something really minimal, with a few K of flash. But, ultimately, it's just hardware, and if the JTAG connections are accessible, that'd make fiddling around a lot easier than having to find some hacky entrance.

If txtr do turn out to be positively inclined toward the hacker community, there could be some real fun in store! It's a cheap device, modulo the possibility of the price cited being subsidised, and fully cased, with a display - that makes it more interesting than the Pi, for me.

Seems like an app like that needs to look more cinematic - maybe OCR-A for the default font, big solid color windows for alerts.. ^_^
Your Engadget link seems nonfunctional.
D'oh! I must've forgotten to paste it in. Anyway, that's now fixed. ^_^ Thanks for noting it! (Maybe I otter hack a script to just perform some sanity checks on an entry before I'm tempted to post it, particularly checking I haven't got any null links lingering around in the shadows, waiting to pounce with those claw-like teeth bared..)
Title reminded me of a clip from comedy talk radio
"Enjoy Dickens brand cider. You'll be glad you did, when you have Dickens Cider"
*grin* There was a certain influence, I admit. ^_^

Ye gods, you're still around? What's new? It's been a while.. !
Read of some true sushi excellence. =:9 Caution: the posting is adorned with many high quality photographs of the nigiri in question.

That sounds quite lovely, I'll say. :)