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It lives! My creature LIVES!

Okay, so it's not really in the same league of surgery (that may come later.. see below), but I'm still happy that my Ti/400 and the iBook - an original tangerine doohickey - graciously given to me by a certain extraordinary fur do indeed take the same memory, confirmed by DMS' memory selector.

So, I reasoned that the TiBook losing 128 of its 640MB would hardly be noticeable, against the iBook going from 32 to 160MB. A couple liftings of keyboards later, et voilà! Both patients are in perfect health, even if one's lost a little bit of its brain. But, I'm sure we call all sympathise with it.

And the "other" surgery? Well, I'd heard that replacing the drive in an original iBook was entertaining, but I hadn't quite prepared myself for all the fun. Yeep! Still, it doesn't look difficult, just lengthy - but this also depends on my being able to find my Torx screwdriver. On the other paw, the 3GB drive inside works fine, if a bit whinily.

Dinner: will be a cheapy pepperoni (with six slices, woo!) frozen pizza with some rosemary, oregano, sichuan pepper (peppery, with a lemon nature to it), asafoetida, a little extra fennel saucisson, Italian capers, and several fresh anchovy fillets (the remainder of which will probably wind up in some pasta dish, I think).

Also wound up improving my "interests" list a little, courtesy of a few friends and FOAFs. Spot the difference! ^_^

Oh, and if you're eating a particularly spicy dish, it's best to ensure it only attempts to enter through the correct orifice. It's surprising how a tiny speck of sauce can sting in one's eye. Interesting, though..
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