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Poll #1866386 How do you watch Doctor Who?

How does it arrive?

Broadcast TV (BBC 1, et al)
Streamed (eg iPlayer)
Downloaded (eg iTunes, Usenet)

What do you watch it on?

Other monitor

Finally, when do you watch it?

As it's being broadcast
As soon as it's put online
Sometime convenient

(Nope, I haven't seen A Town Called Mercy just yet - but it'll have finished downloading by the time I post this!)

BTW, does anyone currently subscribe to an ongoing BBC series such as Doctor Who, over on iTunes? I was quite disappointed last time I did, for Frozen Planet, as new eps would only appear precisely a week after broadcast, compared to an hour or so for Usenet versions. And no amount of enquiring could turn up whether that was due to the BBC, BBC Worldwide, Apple, or Santa Claus.

Dear Princess Celestia: today I learned that the components of lignin and vanillin aren't so far apart from each other chemically, to the point that some artificial vanillin (which is one of the components of real vanilla) is indeed produced from lignin, although it seems most of it nowadays is courtesy of the petrochemical industry rather than forestry. I was amused to notice that "beginning in 2000, Rhodia began marketing biosynthetic vanillin prepared by the action of microorganisms on ferulic acid extracted from rice bran. At $700/kg, this product, sold under the trademarked name Rhovanil Natural, is not cost-competitive with petrochemical vanillin, which sells for around $15/kg.[10] However, unlike vanillin synthesized from lignin or guaiacol, it can be labeled as a natural flavoring."

Team Badger has more information on bovine tuberculosis, including a measure of where it lies in causes of cattle deaths, shown below. Kill the Cull, meanwhile, has a handy gathering of cull-rated news.

Some rather playful boots from Prada; two-tone, giving the appearance of only wearing shoes. =:)

Jawa used cars and droids.
[X] I don't watch it at all.
[x] Not as yet. =:)
ABC puts the episodes up on their website here 6 days BEORE they broadcast them
Hee! Yes, I'd noticed that - makes sense, of course, as putting them up soon after the Australian broadcast would mean having to wait almost a week, but they can't really show them a few hours ahead of the BBC. =:)

I'm pleased to see there really is quite a lot of streaming and downloading - it seems like such a civilised way of going about things, freed of the hassle of having to remember when something's on, and arm some kind of recording. I still wish official downloads didn't have those self-destruct mechanisms in place - we never had those in the age of tape, and I doubt anyone would've been interested in them had they been possible - but it's at least a better situation than before.

Of course, we remain placed into geographical regions by the broadcasters, despite the net's worldwide nature. That's going to take rather longer to erode, I suspect. We really ought, by now, have the means to enjoy, say, a BBC license (or functional equivalent) anywhere in the world, purchasable by anyone, anywhere. It's not exactly free, but compared to cable/satellite charges, it's pretty damned good!

I have my DVR record the broadcast on BCC America HD, then I watch it whenever convenient, FFWDing through the commercials. This is how I want TV to be. :)

Ahh, yes, BBC America has ads, ne? That's definitely one thing I adore about "real" BBC TV - no damned ads or pledges. I suppose I really ought to get a TV license - I don't actually need one, as I never watch TV live, and indeed, don't have a TV - just to help support them. On the other paw, I do buy some series from iTunes, like Frozen Planet and the last season of Doctor Who, particularly now they've made 1080p available for most TV and films, rights owners permitting. It's not a huge leap from 720p, but as I watch all of it on Dandelion's rather nice LCD, there is a pleasant difference, for not a huge leap in filesize, as they've improved the encoding efficiency.

(Of the little TV I do download, it's pretty much exclusively BBC work - not sure I've watched anything from ITV in the last few years, and not much different for C4, which has fallen a long way from its early days. On the other paw, Film4 does help make some pretty cool productions possible, such as The Impostor)

'Course, with downloads, I don't even have to remember to set anything to record. Even easier. ^_^ How bad are the BBCA ads, anyway? I was really frustrated with the frequency during the Simpsons, back when I recorded those off the local Fox - ads leading into the titles, ads, first part, ads, second part, ads, final part, ads, end titles.. oy veh! Of course, recording onto tape meant it was rather preferable to cut them out of the recording, so I had to at least keep an eye on the TV, or keep hopping back to that channel. (I then watched the episode from tape, ad free)

So, it looks like someone's theory of the lights being this (half) season's common theme, leading, of course, to The Angels Take Manhattan.. *sigh* I'll really miss Amy and Rory, needless to say.
The problem with watching it on BBCA isn't so much the ads themselves, if you can just skip right pasat them, it's that they have to edit out quite a bit of the episode to fit them all in. As I understand, the show is about an hour without the ads.

I eventually just get it on DVD, or blu-ray now. Yes, there are some of us who still like to get a physical copy.
Ahh, yes.. I'd forgotten about that. And sometimes done amazingly cack-handedly, too.

The original episodes aren't quite that long - usually around 45 minutes, including the peek at the coming episode, though that sometimes gets bumped up for openers and finales. Not a bad length, I think - it permits the telling of a complete story in one episode, far more easily than in the old days, although I do also like multiparters, of which I understand there will be none in this season. Still, it's got off to a good start, with the highly enjoyable Asylum, the reasonably enjoyable Dinos, and now Sheriff Who. ^_^