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David Attenborough, Mark Carwardine, Simon King, and George Monbiot spell out the case against the proposed badger cull in the UK: that the evidence gained has pointed out such a cull will be, at best, ineffective, and at worst, make the problem worse, at a cost of perhaps half the UK's badger population. Rather, they say, deploy an oral vaccine for badgers - considerably more effective, far more humane, and likely to be cheaper too. The Badger Trust has a Q&A on bovine tuberculosis (PDF), for further information.

Brian May has set up a petition over here - but obviously, opposition oughtn't amount to just that. Your MPs should hear as well, and the word should be spread - make the issue noticed.

Green Bytes apparently picked up Tens Complement last year, and are now releasing a pukka implementation of ZFS for OS X (64-bit Intel only, Snow Leopard or later, with a recommendation of being able to spare 1GB RAM per 1TB storage): ZEVO Community Edition, as noted here.

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop is to reopen!

Pinboard ("social bookmarking for introverts") looks sort of tempting - nicely fully featured, clean design, and no advertising or other junk, just a one-time signup fee of $9.89. Check out the testimonial quotes on the front page, too, particularly the Economist's. =:) If you're reading this, do you use Pinboard, Pinterest, Delicious, or similar services? How useful do you find them?

And I'll just leave this here..

Eventually editing, definitely, as once you're out of pixelspace, lots of possibilities open up - for now, though, it'll be at the end of the pipeline, where the encode and decode speeds aren't so important, so much as the great bandwidth savings in having a single master file going out to all the recipients. As things stand, folks like S+M have to prepare anything up to 200 variants, depending on the framerate, aspect ratio, frame size, audio format, etc. That takes time, and even more bandwidth.. and the kinds of volumes of bits these guys push around the world every day are indeed eye-popping. =:D

And yes, in the fullness of time, dedicated hardware assistance'll be able to help push the speed up - we're very much in the "proof of concept" stage at the moment, but, the principles are vindicated, and the future of the format is promising. ^_^