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If you're familiar with Judge Dredd, and enjoy reading tales of MegaCity One, then yes - the new flick really is the real deal. By the time Dredd and Anderson emerge from the block, you've fully accepted that's who they are, and why they're wearing those uniforms - kudos to the casting director. Karl Urban even manages the Dredd grimace, which I'd hitherto thought anatomically impossible. =:) Be aware, though, that it is a highly violent flick that makes Robocop and Die Hard look peaceful - still, the camera doesn't linger on the gore, though it certainly makes it visible. Easily recommended. With an 18 certificate in the UK, it'll be interesting to see if they have to make cuts for a broader US release, or settle for NC-17; it opens in Canada and the US on Sep 21. (Aha! It's an "R") As for actual reviews, here's Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and the Guardian. And it seems fairly fresh according to Rotten Tomatoes.. =:D

FWIW, the soundtrack's well worth picking up, if you like seriously heavy industrial synths: Amazon UK (£7.49), iTunes UK (£7.99); doesn't seem to've been released in the US yet.

The Belgian animated feature "Le Jour des Corneilles" (The Day of the Crows) looks like one to keep one's eyes out for, judging by the trailer, with animation somewhere between The Triplets of Belleville and Studio Ghibli in flavor.

Just a reminder: the rather spiffy culinary project to cook meals in the style of every UN member nation, United Noshes, is also available as an LJ RSS feed: unitednoshes. =:9

There's a dangerously cute leveret in the BBC Wildlife Magazine's short story on mountain hares in Scotland.

So, you're waiting for the lights to change, so you can cross the road.. how about a game of Pong while you wait?

Ever wondered how wretched, useless, and arrogant the TSA is? Here's a handy summary - and that's hardly comprehensive.

Could be fun.. the iTunes Festival this year wraps up with Madness on the 27th, and Muse on the 30th. ^_^ Applications are still open for free tickets for both (they run a drawing out of applications received), and like all the other concerts, they'll be streamed live. As in previous years, the venue is the Roundhouse, in London.

Keep the Lights On, a gay romance set over the course of several years, seems to be receiving good reviews, with a current metascore of 82.
Depends on the locality, really. Some places, you can have wonderful public floral arrangements, others, only right in the middle of the busiest roundabouts. It'd certainly be prudent to equip something like that with a study protective polymer layer that's easily replaced.

Hmmm. Wonder if I could get the local council interested.. the heart of town's very pedestrian friendly - mostly just buses and taxis, all quite used to yielding. I do like the countdown too, yes - some US crossings have double 7-segment countdown timers, showing how long you've got left to cross, so you know if it's worth hurrying up for, or if it's just about to turn.