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Coming soon: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, and Terry Jones in A Liar's Autobiography, an animated feature from fourteen studios. ^_^ "Comedian, actor, physician, mountaineer, rugby enthusiast, pipe smoker, alcoholic and consummate Englishman — the late Graham Chapman was a man for all seasons. But this member of Monty Python was not one to let his already colourful life prevent him from making up an even wilder one. Published in 1980, Chapman’s outrageously false memoir A Liar’s Autobiography (Volume VI) — credited to Chapman and four others, including Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy author Douglas Adams — was a work of blithe, unashamed and inspired fiction. And it has now inspired this insanely entertaining animated biopic - in 3-D, no less."

I took this panorama toward the end of Wednesday, with the sun low in the sky. Of course, I ran into the same trouble as always - either getting the land to show up fine, and losing the sky detail, or having a lovely sky, and moonlit grass. Thus, one of the first times I've ever actually played with bracketing, then using Hugin to assemble an HDR-fused panorama. (In all, there were 57 images involved, composed of 19 separate views, with 3 exposures each: at the selected exposure, then -1.7EV, followed by +1.7EV)

There will be a memorial service for Neil Armstrong, streamed over NASA TV, at the Washington National Cathedral, starting at 10am next Thursday, Sep 13 2012. If you're within range, you can attend in person, with reservations required, through NASA.

I understand that S'A'Alis, an early FurryMUCK wiz, has died. Not someone I knew more than in passing, but it was no less shocking to hear of the news.

Why didn't CNN let its international arm broadcast its own documentary on the Arab Spring, including a critical segment on Bahrain? Would you be blown over with surprise to learn a senior producer said "We are dealing with blowback from Bahrain govt on how we violated our mission, etc."?

A new addition to the UK's landscape artwork: The Curves of Northumberlandia, a reclining woman fit around the contours of the landscape.

As for the BBC Wildlife Magazine (which, they note, isn't actually produced within the BBC any longer, but you'd be hard pressed to tell) - yes, I'd say it's worth buying at least a sample issue, quite possibly a scubscription. The quality of the photography is as you'd expect, and the articles highlight places of interest, going into some depth about why they're of interest. This isn't the kind of material I can find lying around - coupled with a preference to offer money in exchange for good writing, photography, and editorial skills, it's a fair choice.

Here's a panorama I assembled out of a sequence of shots around the Embankment, in London, just after sunset. Turned out quite nicely, I feel, despite having been shot handheld - that made for quite a hefty noise reduction job, with the original shots at 1/50th f/6.3, forcing the gain from 3600 up to the D90's extended maximum of 6400. I'm tempted to return someday, and try it again with a tripod, so I can assemble the panorama out of much crisper originals. That said, Neat Image and Autopano Pro (in demo mode) did quite a good job, I feel. ^_^ (Hugin, unfortunately, pulled its favorite stunt, and caused the horizon to curve in a flattened S shape. PTGui worked fine, but its demo watermark is much more intrusive, and the UI isn't a good deal better than Hugin's) The 3344 x 560 version on Flickr is worth seeing.

Imagine we could all come to a potluck lunch/dinner party. ^_^ What would you make? What would you like to show off about your culinary skills, or your locality? (It wouldn't have to be something you'd made yourself, though I'd certainly prefer that - it could also be something representative of where you live)

And if you enjoy schlock horror, you might like to know that Troma has apparently not only got a YouTube account, but has uploaded everything, in full, entirely legitimately.

The New Parkway's opening is steadily approaching - and as such, they're now hiring for their first four positions, with another 21 to come: Theater Manager, Assistant Theater Manager/Volunteer Coordinator, Kitchen Manager, and Head Cook.

This posting has been brought to you by the ponies Celestia and Luna. ^_^
Potluck: it would have to be the tomato puree/cream/vodka pasta. Plus a pudding from the same cookbook that's easy yet impressive: rounds of filo pastry sandwiched together by white, dark and milk chocolate cream.

Hmm. Lots of cream there.
Ooh, you've got to note the recipe again. ^_^ (ISTR it was along the lines of my non-recipes, which is obviously fine by me - it's the gestalt that's usually the key with most cooking, not so much specific quantities. Of course, once you enter into the world of cakes, then a touch more precision is required, lest one's Victoria go all Madeira - not that that would be a terrible thing. Mmm, madeira cake..)

Hmm. =:9 Maybe I'll try making a dessert along those lines next time I visit the former roomie.. we often have at least one evening of just lots of random stuff, usually various meats and cheeses, to go along with something like Doctor Who.

Or indeed, a real cheesecake.. it's been years since I dabbled therein, though. A bit fiddly, as I recall, as I kept having to fiddle with the oven temperature to be sure it was going to cook through, but so very worthwhile. Only problem is having to shove the ingredients list out of mind.. it's definitely no diet aid. ^_^;
I watched "The Toxic Avenger" as a kid when I stayed at home alone...I actually thought that the States were just as bad in the real 80's as they were in Lloyd Kaufman's picture. And I had a bit of a hard time falling asleep :P

Hmm, to me CNN's refusal to air this Bahrain documentary stinks, I can literally feel the stench of petrodollars here and there. Yet another once reliable source of information gone bad, as it appears.

Edited at 2012-09-06 06:49 pm (UTC)
Well, there do seem to be some politicians waiting for Detroit to become as shown in Robocop.. (and to think, Judge Dredd was originally purely satirical)

To be honest, I was surprised to find something that investigative coming out of CNN - the US version's been McNews for years. It sounds as if CNNi's been a fairly different animal, though.

But, yes, I wouldn't be surprised there's been some stiff pressure applied by the Bahraini government, probably backed up by the US, given the very close ties the two countries maintain, despite the hideousness of the regime. (Not a unique situation, of course - consider the despot of Kazakhstan)
(Deleted comment)
Thanks! I wouldn't exactly call myself a landscape photographer (you, on the other paw.. !), but I was gratified they both turned out quite well.

*grin* HDR isn't something I really go for, generally - certainly, one can achieve some stunning results that way, but there's just something about them that usually just doesn't appeal to me. Here, though, I tried a couple shots normally, and it really wasn't going to work at all without. Other than when I first got the D90, I think that might be about the first time I've actually used the bracketing feature - certainly less hassle than adjusting manually for each step of the panorama.. !

Do you indulge in panorama creation? If so, I'm wondering what software you use. I usually try Hugin first, as it's completely free, which suits the current budget, but it can be quite squirrelly sometimes - on the Embankment, f'rex, it tweaked the "horizon" into the bend shape on a "road narrowing" sign. =:P PTGui's UI is a bit ugly, but it certainly has handled everything I've thrown at it, including the San Bruno ultrawide, and the high-res cityscape of a couple months back, without gasping for memory, despite the latter running over seven hundred source shots. =:D

Come to that, what have you been up to lately, photographically? (Says the bunny who's absolutely terrible about checking friends' Flickr streams.. *cough*)
Very nice panoramas. :)
Thanks. ^_^ My love remains wildlife, of course, but when sights like that present themselves, I'd be silly not to try capturing the moment.