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If you've seen Baraka, you'll remember just how superb the cinematography was on that voyage - well, they're back. ^_^ And even more stunning are the visuals, again, all shot on 70mm film: Samsara. If you love cinematography, or photography, this is so very easily worth a hundred seconds of your time.

A taste of things to come? will offer subtitled HBO shows, streaming, made available perhaps within a day of US airing, for 10€/mo, to people in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. It should be emphasised this is a purely standalone offering - you (if you're living there) don't have to have any cable subscription.

Had a fun weekend. ^_^ Went up to visit the former roomie, and waited at a favorite watering hole for him to arrive around six.. or seven.. or.. ^_^; No problem - he just happened to be held back late at work, so, gosh darn it, I had to partake of a couple good pints while I waited. We then headed off to an Indian joint that could probably hold its own with the best of Bradford. =:) All three dishes were individually superb, but they also worked well with each other, and indeed, with the wine as well, a rather good pinotage. Saturday, gathering a wealth of goodies for a bread, cheese, and meat evening to accompany this year's debut of the Doctor. As with just about everyone else, the surprise element remained as such. =:D (Feel free to engage in spoilers in comments, though) We followed that with a rather nicely convoluted French thriller, with absolutely no shortage of plot, Tell No-One.

Sunday was to be a day of varied culture, commencing with an event at Deloitte Ignite, African Messiah, "a celebratory new work by composer and multi-instrumentalist Tunde Jegede, combining themes and melodies from Handel's Messiah with African musical traditions. The work draws in particular on the sounds of the kora, a West African harp-lute, and music in the griot tradition, and brings together some of the finest international singers, musicians and ensembles for a unique performance." We continued it with a visit to The Roxy, a bar with a cinema that specialises in horror - in our case, starting with the classic Island of Lost Souls, with Peter Cushing's "The Corruption", a piece that could only have come out of late 1960s Britain, particularly toward the end. =:D (In brief: he plays an eniment surgeon, who concocts a way to reconstruct his wife's face, burned in a scuffle with a photographer - the snag is that the treatment involves pituitary glands, which seem to have to be as fresh as possible)

I seem to recall the non-UK version of the iPlayer app already permitted such, but now the UK joins in: the newly released Version 2 can download shows for later, offline viewing, although it still enforces a 30-day limit. (Is this really appropriate? Would people have accepted their VHS recordings wiping themselves after a month?)

This? Is Neil Peart's drum kit. =:D

The Norfolk Wildlife Trust wants to raise £1m to complete their 86-year old reserve, where indeed the UK's wildlife trusts began. "With this purchase we will secure for conservation the last stretch in eight kilometres of coastal sites; with unique sand dunes, shingle ridges, saltmarsh, grazing marsh, reed beds and pools. Chief Executive, Brendan Joyce said: 'When this land on the north Norfolk coast suddenly came on the market, all eyes fell on Norfolk Wildlife Trust. Situated next to the Trust's world-famous nature reserve, Cley Marshes, with Salthouse Marshes on the other side, it spurred much excitement and expectation among our membership, the Norfolk public and bird watchers around the world, wondering what the Trust would do. We rise to the challenge to protect Norfolk's wildlife. But we need everyone’s help to make this possible. This is the biggest appeal in the Trust's 86 year history. And probably the most important.'"

Brad Bird remarked "Our mocking SIMPSONS episode aside, I've never heard a good argument against monorails, & continue to be baffled that they are never built." So - can anyone with knowledge of rail modes supply further information?
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