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Here's quite a fascinating insight into what it's like for a UK doctor working in rural Zambia. Whilst conditions are hardly ideal, with short staffing and supplies often out of stock, there are what could be considered upsides as well.

Something I'd love to see in LJ: the ability to split the main text with an entry field. Presented with a long entry (*ahem*), LJ doesn't offer an internal means of just replying to it as you read along. True, it's still perfectly possible to build up one's reply in a separate text window, but that's not really as elegant, although arguably, more reliable, decoupling the browser from the composition.

This is the kind of trailer that maintains my interest in gaming: Tengami. Sadly, it's not due until 2013, but you get a good feel for the pop-up papercraft world you'll be inhabiting. (iPad, OS X, Windows)

Now, I'm not much for remakes, but - it would seem there's a Lone Ranger coming along, directed by Gore Verbinski, whom you may (and should =:) remember from Rango, and yes, with Johnny Depp in the lead. Considering just how well they made Rango work, I'll be interested to see if they can manage to pull off a refreshing, yet authentic take here as well.

Here's quite a superbly inspired commercial, taking the form of a two minute solo interview, set to a backdrop of the protagonist's activities. The ending is quite a delight.

So, I entered Wex Photographic's competition for August, on the theme of "capturing movement" - not a huge affair, but any of the prizes (£100, £50, £25 credit) would be highly welcome in bringing me closer to a TC17E-II teleconverter. ^_^

Via loganberrybunny, here's a PMV that's rather different, both in its choice of music, but most importantly, in what it combines to make the final video - it's a much more flowing result than most, and, stars the best pony. ^_^ The Garden, by mmmandarinorange, to the track of the same name by Cut Chemist.

It seems the script for the next TMNT film was leaked and posted - and it sounds as cringesome as you might have feared.

Some interesting thoughts from the Grand Moff, on Doctor Who, including noting that scheduling is relatively incidental now: '"about half or just under" watch Doctor Who when it first screens on BBC1. "We no longer watch TV when schedulers tell us we should and that's right," he said. "Your bookcase doesn't tell you when to read a book."' And, intriguingly, 'Moffat asked the audience for a show of hands whether they would continue watching the show with a female Doctor, but appeared unconvinced by the prospect. "It is a part of Time Lord lore, it can happen. I don't know, who knows? The more often it's talked about, the more likely it's going to happen."'

And on that note, Australia's taking a rather refreshing attitude to removing the incentive to torrent Doctor Who - ABC will place new episodes online 50 minutes after they complete transmission in the UK, despite their own broadcasts being delayed by a week. (Presumably, ABC geolock such work?)

I thoroughly approve of the cover shot of the August 2012 issue of BBC Wildlife magazine. ^_^ Naturally, that was the first issue I bought in its iPad incarnation, as a taster for the quality of the publication. (Where once upon a time, I bought just about all the computing and electronics mags on the racks, now, pretty much none at all, with the prevalence of good material on the web, and the publishers often still reluctant to offer digital-only subscriptions - I'm looking at you, Elektor)

Well, that was a pleasant end to the daytime. I'd headed up to campus for some photography, visiting some bunspots on the eastern edge, but with no luck whatsoever. I was feeling a little low, as a result, ameliorated by the blue sky. Still, I thought to try some spots over on the western edge as well, and set off that way - only to be brought to a halt by a bun - no, two! And right by the duck pond, in the heart of the campus. =:D In all, four, later five, including two youngsters, happily going about the important business of maintaining the lawns. In all, I was able to calmly look on them for some 40 minutes, by which time the light for the day had pretty much drifted away.
Elektor still running?
Oh, indeed! Seems like they're continuing to do a good job, too, other than being stuck in the dodo mindset that they must be a print magazine (with, as ever, minimal advertising), with digital offerings an afterthought - you can't subscribe to just the PDFs, only as an addition to a print sub. No, Elektor, that's silly, and not in a Chapman way.

(I wonder if Dubus is still with us.. for amateur radio electronics, that was excellent, even if only some of the articles were translated into English, it being a German publication. At a time when Practical Wireless et al were publishing their 304585th SWR meter design, they were running designs for making your own 23cm portable =:)
I'm old enough to remember everyday electronics! Not bought a magazine for the past 4 years!
Yep, Everyday Electronics was one of them.. and Hobby Electronics, ISTR, although my very first was an issue of Radio & Electronics Constructor. ^_^

I've barely bought any magazines in years, with the rise of the web. I'm tempted to subscribe to 2000AD digitally, and perhaps New Scientist, as their digital edition is quite a bit cheaper than print, I believe. I did pick up the aforementioned (iPad) BBC Wildlife issue, but I've only given it a quick glance so far, with it being a bit of a busy weekend, out of town, and probably out of that town over the weekend too. =:)
That does show your age you know :) 3 or 4 more blackberry seasons more then me :)
As with fine wines and Scotch, you know. =:)

(In my defense, I did get lured into electronics at a very early age, and left only one scorch mark on the carpet as a result of my experiments. I forget what the circuit was, but I have a vague feeling that there were lessons to be learned about AC powered kit constructed on Veroboard)
if you were using veroboard you weren't that young a kit, i started out with a version of s-dec, nothing hot needed!
s-dec? That's not ringing any bells. ^_^;

Vero was/is rather neat stuff. Such a simple idea, but so helpful for prototypes, or just home construction where you didn't need the ideal component density of a real PCB. Even now, of course, breadboards still have their place - one of my first tasks at the last gig was to recreate the core of our keypad using a few relevant modules and a breadboard. Worked surprisingly well, too, and was a load easier to hook the analyzer up to than the real thing. =:D