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First off: does anyone have any shoe vendor recommendations? I'm thinking of something probably in the skater boot realm, with the caveat that I'd like them (a) not to be dull, (b) last a decent amount of time. The last pairs of Emerica ("Braydon", in a vivid blue with some orange) and Globe ("Superfly Vulcan" in black, with a snakeskin-like blue pattern) both lasted well for many months of use on streets and country paths, whilst the current Everlast are getting worn after only about 3-4 months. =:P Cheap, yes, but add in the fact they started off uncomfortable, wearing in after about a fortnight, and now one part of the wear's trying to rub at one heel.. =:P

I've ordered from Vapourised in the past, but they don't seem to have anything that's really grabbing me at the moment. 'Course, that could just mean this season's wares aren't especially fun. =:/ And trying search engines seems to throw up an improbable number of spammer sites. Thus: my plea to your good selves. ^_^ (Now, if MBT only made a trainer with serious grip.. but then again, at their prices, they'd be relegated to street wear, and these have to be up for clambering around country trails)

And thanks everyone for the comic recommendations last time! That'll keep me stocked up with comic backlogs for months to come. =:D (It was also fun being reminded of some I'd once followed, but had somehow lost track of, like Exterminatus Now)

The site where Curiosity touched down on Mars has been named Bradbury Landing, on what would have been his 92nd birthday.

Gangnam Style's been something of a success beyond Korea. =:) For a bit more background on just what it's about, Metafilter has some insight, and then there's an article in The Atlantic as well. The latter notes PSY was educated, amongst other places, at Boston University, and graduated from Berklee College of Music.

The final panel of Bad Machinery's side-story "That" (starring Shelley Winters, one of the characters from his previous strip, Scary Go Round - here, she's touring the US, on an book signing tour) particularly tickled me. ^_^ (I've linked to the start of the story, rather than the end page itself, to avoid spoilers)

tent.io could be worth watching. It proposes that the solution to monolithic entities like F*c*b**k and Twitter able to exert complete control over what they do with your data is to supply suitable open protocols, as underlie the web, email, and more. It's more than another Diaspora, but a seemingly plausible attempt to formalise the requirements of social media services at a protocol level. There's some discussion over on HN, with replies from the primary author.

Here's a good little interview with Gabriel Weinberg, founder of DuckDuckGo. As their billboard says: "Google tracks you. We don't."

And just in case you're in the mood for a little more Muse, they released another track from the forthcoming 2nd Law today: Madness. It's well worth picking up - grand, without going into the full over-the-top mode. =:) Very Queen-like, but with a more electronic feel than they're generally known for. (iTunes UK, Amazon UK, Amazon US, iTunes US)

It's been rather interesting, seeing the live-tweeting of the Organisation of American States meeting to discuss Ecuador's granting of asylum to Assange. At this point, it's all at Foreign Minister level, thus, reasonably senior. Support seems unamimous for Ecuador's resolution, with some caveats over tone and language, with two exceptions: the US and Canada. The latter surprises me somewhat, eg "We do not accept diplomatic asylum as a rule of international law." Still, the political axis of the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand is historically essentially reliable, to phrase matters diplomatically. =:)

And today in fun lenses and insanely rich people, the Leica 1600mm f/5.6, which now sits in Qatar, having been picked up for a trifling $2m. ("Yet, getting sharp images from such a behemoth of a lens will be a major challenge and requires very solid tripod support. The Danish Leica expert Thorsten Overgaard reported that Sheikh Al-Thani had commissioned a specially-equipped Mercedes four wheel drive to carry his expensive lens and move it around. Whether this setup has been successful in sufficiently steadying the lens is unclear, however, since no images taken with the lens have been made available.")

And just to round off, an animated GIF I was cruelly introduced to while sat in a quiet study area of the library: Princess Celestia inviting you to inspect how little concern she gives; paraphrased a mite. =:) (Best if you save it first, then view it - trying to load it in your browser's prone to give awkward slowness and stuttering while it actually loads)

See? I can keep my entries below 100K. ^_^
the current Everlast

I'm astonished that nobody seems to have made an "Everfree" version of that company's logo...
Ha! They'd certainly deserve it more. =:D

So, are you intending to head to the currently planned MLP UK/EU cons? ^_^ (Or, indeed, further afield - airline pricings don't, after all, have to make any particular sense as we know it =:)
Well, given that I'm not at all a conny person -- my total level of con attendance in nine years of furry stands at a mighty zero -- I suspect the chances are somewhat low. They're lower still given that BUCK took place last weekend. =:P

I have to admit that BUCK 2013 isn't entirely out of the question, assuming it's in Manchester again. The whole setup certainly attracts me more than Confuzzled's, for reasons I'll probably ramble on about in my own LJ at some point, but which certainly include much cheaper tickets (basic attendance was £25) and -- crucially -- no "over 18s only" policy, which is something I've always disliked about Confuzzled.
As far as shoes go, I stand by my trusty Converse Chuck Taylors. My first pair lasted a few years of daily wear to everywhere (finally died due to an unfortunately thick sole insert thing I was trying out which rubbed the heel enough that it separated from the sole), and I'm only like 6 months into my second pair.
They do seem to wear pretty well. ^_^ It's not really my style, but I'm very pleased to see an iconic style somehow maintain its utilitarianism - it seems so commonplace that the look transcends function, whilst maintaining Chinese profit margins. (I've absolutely nothing against well crafted boots from China - but it grates when I'll pay $200 to MBT or Fornarina, knowing that the people who put them together will be lucky to have enough to scrape together a basic dinner. That's wrong)

Of course, this is where ponies have it all figured out. ^_^
In England, some years you have to go back and work out what weeks summer was

Never a truer statement. As much as a like living in Britain, summers don't seem to occur much there. Since I started my summer holiday in Poland for most part it's been close or over 30C/86F. That's summer :D

Took me a moment to realize that this wasn't intended to mean "Fuckbuck". :)

Here's a good little interview with Gabriel Weinberg, founder of DuckDuckGo. As their billboard says: "Google tracks you. We don't."

Oh, neat! Having used them for quite a while now, I'd disagree with his statement that they (by and large) give "better" search results ("better than Google", one presumes); they're good enough to use the site, but I still find myself banging out to Google quite regularly when DuckDuckGo just doesn't find something (it's worse for non-English language sites, BTW).

But every bit helps when it comes to privacy, right? :) And DDG's results'll only get better, too.

It's been rather interesting, seeing the live-tweeting of the Organisation of American States meeting to discuss Ecuador's granting of asylum to Assange.

Oh, any links for that?

Not surprising to see Canada align itself with US interests, though; they're fairly dependent on the USA as far as trade etc. is concerned, and obviously don't want to provoke their neighbors. Understandable, too, but it's still a shame that it's basically all just about self-interest, and the lives of actual people (such as Assange) don't count for much.

nd today in fun lenses and insanely rich people, the Leica 1600mm f/5.6, which now sits in Qatar, having been picked up for a trifling $2m.

Heh, nice one. Pity there's no images, although you have to wonder if the guy ever used it at all — or at least after a few initial tries where he discovered that it was actually very difficult to take good pictures with. One gets the feeling it may well have been bought more for the bragging rights at dinner parties than anything else.