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It is confirmed: Asylum of the Daleks is on Sep 1, BBC 1, 7.20pm - 8.10pm. (And on BBC America: same day, 9pm/8pm Central; in Canada, 9pm Eastern on Space) *Kermit flail* (Has there been any word of when MLP:FiM resumes? I notice, at least according to Wikipedia, that this season will only be 13 episodes, rather than the 26 of before)

There were a couple surprise announcements out of Linden Lab recently: on the graphical front, specular and normal maps are coming, and, the official SL client (as opposed to the various third party clients, such as Firestorm) will soon be available via Steam.

I'm positively tickled by this hat, and the fact that someone's job apparently involves subtly folding its tip down. =:D

The Science Museum will be hosting a public reunion of some of the key folk from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and synth pioneers EMS, on September 29 2012. "Join us for a conversation with these pioneers of British electronic music and find out about the extraordinary moment of the 50s and 60s when electronic music was invented."

Hiriko Fold: an electric car with motors on each wheel, turnable by 60 degrees, permitting sideways driving or turning on the spot - and to help squeeze into tight parking spaces, it folds up. =:D Initially, they're targeting local governments, with Berlin, Barcelona, and San Francisco on the launch list.

Nikon's just announced three new compact cameras - the interesting one, for me, is the Coolpix S800c. A decent spec, although we'll have to wait on independent test results to see the sensor's performance, but the novel part is that it runs some version of Android. Is this the first time a major camera manufacturer's gone with an open source OS? Point being, of course, that this would seem to open the way for all manner of nifty image/video processing being able to run on the camera itself, just as we now see a bewildering variety of such apps for iPhones, from simple Instagram effects, through to full-blown RAW processing. Needless to say, I'm wondering if this will turn out to be just an experiment, or the start of a migration toward more flexible architectures.

This was taken soon after a bit of a downpour, so when this sqrl came toward me - literally running for me, only changing direction toward the end - they'd picked up quite a bit of moisture from the grass on the driving range, leaving them rather less foofly than usual. Indeed, view at full size, and you'll even see tiny beads of water on some of the clawtips. ^_^;

Comics! Go on, recommend comics to me. ^_^ In my daily roster already: Sinfest, Precocious, Skin Horse, SBMC, User Friendly (though I'll probably drop it), DMFA, Heavenly Nostrils, Lio, Bad Machinery, Speed Bump, Non Sequitur, Doonesbury, Over the Hedge, and Dilbert. Others that aren't daily that I sometimes catch up with include Housepets and Gunnerkrigg Court.

zrath reminded me that Devo are currently touring California, with the Warfield on Sep 10 - backed up by Blondie. =:D
Ahh, indeed, there are a few there I'm not familiar with. Yay!

And a few I am, but I've fallen out of touch with temporarily - my RSS reader threw a hissy fit a while back, and I just sort of didn't bother to get it repopulated with feeds. Is Tiny Kitten Teeth still so frustratingly infrequent? Such a wonderfully stylish comic, but with pages only once a month or so, there's not much scope for a sustained narrative.

Zebra Girl I may get back into. I forget why I stopped following, but it was a while ago - it's still running, then?

Endtown I definitely need to get back into. I was derailed when the story came to an end, only for me to discover that the artist had actually been maintaining a separate continuity over on GoComics. Certainly, one of the best furry strips around, even if the artist might dispute it being labeled as such. =:) (Another I'd highlight would be Skin Horse, although that's not especially furry - but very well written, with artwork that always matches the spirit, however insane it gets =:)
Skin Horse not especially furry? But Captain's Fancy Valentine Sweetheart is obviously the main protagonist!
Yeah, TKT is still so frustratingly infrequent.

Zebra Girl is still running, yeah. I think they put up the latest page a few days ago. It's not every day but I think they do one or two a week. Though, my sense of time is pretty bad.

Endtown is interesting. It never stops being a gag comic even when tragedy strikes. I'm not sure I like that part of it, but I like the setting. Recently they added a new character, who is basically a chaotic god running amok and doing Deus Ex Machina stuff. I have no idea what possessed them to put him in there but taking the work as a whole it's not exactly out of place.

I used to read some of the comics you do but I fell off. Others like DMFA have been on my 'comics to read one day' list for years.

The oddest comic on my list I think is Furry Experience, which is a comic about three mormon furry girls going to college in Utah. A lot of it is an examination of mormon culture, since one of the characters is devout, one practicing, and one rejected the faith, and they all have to deal with the overwhelming mormon culture in Utah and at their college.

As a friend of mine pointed out, the name for that comic is terrible. Of all of the comics to be called "The Furry Experience" why would it be one where being furry is entirely incidental?

The Wotch is done by a different artist now, if you ever read it before. The same artist who does City of Reality.
DMFA I ought to try catching up with sometime. Even now, having read it for a couple years, I still find it difficult to keep track of whose background is what. But, I am a bunny of very little brain. (I have made a start on that in the past, but I'm terrible at remembering to come back to an endeavor like that. ISTR the artwork style has improved fairly dramatically =:)

I wonder if there are any digital collections of Endtown. True, it's hardly impossible to string one together, but I'd happily pay to help show my appreciation, especially if it were nicely indexed, maybe even with notes or sketches. Indeed, perhaps a preamble about how he came to create Endtown.
I've been keeping up with Friendship is Dragons, myself.
Coo! That current page does look rather good. If it has any kind of regular schedule, I'll be catching up with it fairly soon, I suspect. ^_^

(Agh! What was that Doctor Who/MLP-inspired one I noticed some months ago? It was a dozen or two pages long at that point, with the story developing notably well. Maybe my tagging will save me)
(Deleted comment)
I was tempted to ponder there may be some latent concern over people just printing comics out themselves, rather than buying the real editions, but that'd take a fairly determined skinflint. =:D Myself, I don't buy paper unless necessary (which is rare) - unfortunately, that does mean missing out on a few furry comics entirely, with no digital editions offered. Seems strange to me that businesses choose to leave money on the table, but then again, the media industries are rife with such examples, prominently featuring studios refusing to make downloads available, and even then, seldom with anything but the feature itself, lacking all the discs' extras. (And then the download may be priced either similarly to or more expensive than the discs!)

Ah, yes, Dinosaur Comics! That I actually do keep up with via RSS, courtesy of an LJ feed. Maybe I should check out such for the non-dailies I've sort of left behind - Housepets and Gunnerkrigg Court especially. It's easy enough to set up an LJ feed, of course, but it seems silly to duplicate ones that are already around. (Though whether it's possible to search for existing feeds now, I'm not sure.. ISTR it was a bit troublesome)

I noticed Ryan North has a hand in Adventure Time, which I had a quick peek at the other day - it's more something, I suspect, I'd enjoy with friends, joking about it, enjoying some nommables. =:9

Wow, Red Meat's been going for a while now. I'll give it a peek, though I suspect its rather bleak tone might deter me from keeping it on the regular roster.

I'll have to check out the others. ^_^ I'm certainly up for a good slice-of-life yarn, especially now Fur-Piled's run its course. (Prematurely, I'd say - it felt like such a lively setting, with characters who all had more stories to tell, but there's much to be said for ending a story or a show in its prime, or not long after)

Strips will probably have to start getting a bit larger - display resolutions certainly aren't going down! I'm on 1920x1200, albeit at 17". I can only guess at the jiggery-pokery the iPad 3 has to engage in under the cover, to keep web browsing sane. =:/
Hey, what happened to my reply?

I had a long list of webcomics at my old workplace that I didn't manage to take with me :( But I love docrat.au.

And that squirrel shot is AMAZING. (I narrowly avoided running a squirrel over on Sunday as it dithered in the middle of the road.)
Eep? Strange! I certainly never saw it, and it doesn't seem to be screened.

Ahh, now there's one I do need to add. I'm surprised he's managed to keep it going this long, and from what I understand, it remains fresh.

Hee! Thanks. ^_^ I've got one or two more I might upload, from the stage where they were coming toward me - one just sort of levitating above the ground, face on, and another seeming as if they're standing up in some hulking macho stance. =:D
Has there been any word of when MLP:FiM resumes?

Not as far as I know. Most people seem to think it will be sometime next month, but beyond that I couldn't say. Definitely only 13 episodes, though there are hints that this is for "special reasons". Whether that means a forthcoming movie, something different with S3 (a season-long arc?) or anything else, again I don't know.

Of course, the next question is whether there'll be a season four at any point. I don't know that either. =:P A straw in the wind, though, is that MLP, unlike the majority of Hasbro's "girl-oriented" toy lines, did well commercially last year. You wouldn't think they'd want to give that up...
I suppose September feels right, as that was last year's starting point - but, presumably there'll be some advance warning, during which The Hub starts wheeling out the party cannon to alert people to the new season. I've no idea how that's run in the past, though - quite likely they'd have some formal press release first, anyway. =:/

Special reasons? Hmm! We can only wonder.. ! Personally, I'd love it to be to make time for everyone involved to get huddled into studios to record commentary tracks.. how much fun would it be to have DVD/BD/iTunes releases of it all, with actor and character commentaries? =:D

I really do hope Hasbro's taking notice. It seems so, given the prominence MLP's taken in some of their general trade show materials.. I suppose large corporations are always ponderous in their deliberations, even when not shackled by multiple layers of bureaucracy.

S4? Hoo, there's a question. ^_^; I hope the decision's made by the staff, rather than being imposed from above. I'd trust them to have a feel for when it's time to hand off to the world of fan animation for the future - and I imagine things will continue for quite some time, given the wealth of story opportunities people see already, let alone any more that may be introduced in S3 and beyond. And then there's original music, and remixes, and music videos.. !
Sherman's Lagoon
re: the holyman-hat: that's just using hood ornament technology :-)
It could've just been spring loaded for kids to play plucking it and watching it wobble!

re: the Hiriko Fold: that's clever! I've seen photos of vintage cars attempting a front-door but this one gives great visibility! If only it had a ramp for driver "equal-access" (wheelchair).

I've seen several 3-wheel vehicles on the road from motorcycles with 2 wheels in front, to almost-cars with a motorcycle-engine and wheel in the rear (reminiscent of Larry Nivens puppeteers).

the sqwrl: what's on the right that we don't see: a crazed ferret trying to hunt it?

Wow. I LOVE that squirrel shot! :D

My comic to toss into the hat:
Thanks. ^_^ I may well post one or both of a couple others, showing them more face-on - not quite as dramatic, more sort of amusing. ^_^

Eep! I remember I used to read that, but somehow it fell off my stack. Irksomely, I don't know why, either.. I do recall enjoying it! I'll set it up in my RSS reader, or just within LJ - some strips seem to feel more at home in one venue than another, somehow.
(Deleted comment)
OGLAF, yep - I have that set up in OmniWeb's "has something changed on this webpage?" checker. It's always at least amusing, sometimes just ridiculously funny. (One of my top favorites from there remains one of his earlier ones, about a writer's new muse.. =:)

Scenes I'll have to add. The artwork style reminds me of rather a few others, but nonetheless, very cleanly done, and the humor I certainly appreciate. ^_^

I might have to add Chainsawsuit, given this applies just as well to top-posting in email, a grievous sin upon human reading order and the gods of SMTP alike.

Mm, liking the atmosphere of The Abaddon, too. But then, you do seem to be one with particularly good taste. ^_^
Has there been any word of when MLP:FiM resumes?

September, or so I've heard on the grapevine.

I'm positively tickled by this hat, and the fact that someone's job apparently involves subtly folding its tip down. =:D

Crazy christians. :P Love the GIF, though.

Hiriko Fold: an electric car with motors on each wheel, turnable by 60 degrees, permitting sideways driving or turning on the spot - and to help squeeze into tight parking spaces, it folds up. =:D Initially, they're targeting local governments, with Berlin, Barcelona, and San Francisco on the launch list.

Quite neat! I don't know why there aren't more cars that can do sideways parking; Smart cars, for instance, are quite useful in the city. That said:

Instead of a steering wheel and pedals, the car has an aircraft-style yoke. And its two passengers enter and exit the car through the windshield.

I predict this won't actually become a huge hit.

Comics! Go on, recommend comics to me.

Stuff I read that you don't yet, excluding defunct ones: abstrusegoose (geek), atheistevecomic (religion), athewm_comic (ponies!), cutloose_comic (unabashedly erotic), dailyderp (ponies; may be defunct), de_nichtlustig (surreal; in German), deerme_comic (furry/slice-of-life; half-defunct these days), freefall_feed2 (furry/sci-fi), furthiahighrss (furry/slice-of-life; has decidedly taken a turn for the weird, plot-wise), hipsterhitler (parody), irregular_comic (various; the reruns — the new "comics" are merely blog entries), jesusandmo (religion), minusgarfield (surreal), mlpfid_feed (ponies!), oglaf (sex), optipess_rss (surreal), pandyland_rss (vaguely like PBF), peanuts_feed (classic), prequel_adventu (fantasy), questionablerss (slice-of-life), sltly_dmnd_rss (fantasy), subnormalityrss (too many words), xkcd_rss (geek).

I recommend most of them to at least some extent. :)
College Catastrophe
Swords and Sausages
Peter Is The Wolf
Simply Panda Jenn
The guy with the hat is Kirill I, Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church, possibly during his first ever visit to Poland last week. I did not know that someone from his surrounding is responsible solely for his hat :o

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