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There be balloons ahoy!

(Click for 2000 pixel wide version)
*grin* I might - I just quickly tossed this version up on my own domain for now, as I wasn't really content with the remnants of the trees in the lower corners, but I might either accept them, or attempt a bit of context-aware filling. Perhaps I'll try the latter, and see if it does indeed improve the final image.

In any event, the shot (actually a 5-shot panorama) did capture the evening hues quite nicely, with the terrain fading into the distance, giving that neat layered look. The original's something like 10k x 3k - it might even print out quite nicely.. maybe I'll try that, and perhaps offer it for sale if it does indeed seem worthwhile.
Ah, I don't find the trees distracting at all — quite the opposite, they spice the image up a little and make it more interesting. Without them, it'd still be pretty, but also a little blander. I'd say keep them. :)