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There be balloons ahoy!

(Click for 2000 pixel wide version)
Oooh, lovely! I'll add that to my favorites... wait, what do you mean, this isn't on Flickr? :P
*grin* I might - I just quickly tossed this version up on my own domain for now, as I wasn't really content with the remnants of the trees in the lower corners, but I might either accept them, or attempt a bit of context-aware filling. Perhaps I'll try the latter, and see if it does indeed improve the final image.

In any event, the shot (actually a 5-shot panorama) did capture the evening hues quite nicely, with the terrain fading into the distance, giving that neat layered look. The original's something like 10k x 3k - it might even print out quite nicely.. maybe I'll try that, and perhaps offer it for sale if it does indeed seem worthwhile.
Ah, I don't find the trees distracting at all — quite the opposite, they spice the image up a little and make it more interesting. Without them, it'd still be pretty, but also a little blander. I'd say keep them. :)
One of those baloons should have a croc attached to it :D

Lovely pic!
Ballooning is Magic? ^_^
Sky color is amazing.
It might be fun to jave an HDR version of this one to play with ;)
Just single-exposure, I'm afraid. ^_^; Although this probably caught everything - it was later on in the evening, so the contrasts were pleasantly muted, with that nice layering into the distance. Ironically, a lot more interesting view than we had on visiting the balloon event itself over the weekend! Sadly, whilst the winds were low, they were evidently still quite enough to be difficult for balloons, forcing them to cancel that day's mass ascent.

Still, I did get some reasonable shots of a world-class parachuting team (including one just after they'd leapt out of the aircraft, at 12,000 feet). But none that really strike me, to be honest, so I'm sort of uncertain as to whether to post any.. maybe on ringtail.com rather than Flickr? I'll see. Sunday was a bit of an odd day for sleep, and I seem to still be resyncing today as well.. @.@

Have you been up to anything photographically lately?
Not really, I had a lot to do ... A problem with my car, water damage at home, and most of my coworkers in holidays ... ^^' even my motorcycle need a new battery.
Best of all , a back strain while I got my new couch up by the stairs ...
Not my best time :p
I dont even know if I could go on holiday...
The good thing is that things can only get better now ;)

I tried tpProHdr with Iphone, I liked the way saturation gave this shine to the statues

Hm! Interesting effect. Indeed, the statues' definition comes out well, though seemingly at the cost of blowing out the central column.

I ought to try HDR sometime, though - one of my favorite photographic times is late at night, when the town's alleys really take on a new character, but to really do justice to such scenes, you pretty much need some form of HDR processing, to accommodate the dim features of the walls and roads, as well as the street and window lighting. Trouble is, to do it properly means lugging a tripod around. =:P (I usually have the D90 with me, but I've only taken the tripod out about twice, including for the high resolution town panorama a few weeks ago. I didn't technically need it, as all the shots were 1/1000th or so - but during the first attempt a few weeks before that, I'd been reminded that trying to hold the D90 & 300mm reasonably steady while raster scanning a scene, for several minutes, does become quite tiring =:)
Yes it could be tiring ;)
The other problem is the moving subjects like in this try

Some ghosts shadows ;)

I m not really good at photo processing ( and that is an euphemism)
But HDR + filterstorm or snapseed ... 2 min with Iphone 4 and there s funny stuff incoming

Mere tries but I like the idea ...;p
Like a child with its new xmas toys :p

Hdr photos with the phone and processing on the ipad for comfort , next step photos with the canon and processing on the ipad

Wish I could affird rhe new mac book pro retina ...